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Isra?l - Palestine

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You have to add that the palestinians and the arabs refused to accept the UN partition plan of 1947. They launched a full-scale attack against the Israelis and wanted to annihilate them...


Now they would gladly accept the plan.


To ensure peace, both sides will have to agree on a partition plan both sides can life with. I don't see this happening with a Hamas-government. And nobody knows how the victory of the Hamas will affect the elections in Israel in late march. Imagine the Likud and the religious parties winning...extremists on both sides...no more talking, no peace.

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We should also not forget about the Isra?li invasion of the Sinai Desert, and the occupation of both the Golan Heights and Libanon.


(I'm not trying to be anti-Isra?l, just posting some facts that not everyone knows.)

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I did this at university you know. It is my humble opinion that it is the Palestinians own fault. Once the UN partition was implimented (in fact before) The Arab league attacked the Jews in order to destroy Israel. Unfortunate for the Arabs the Israel forces were hardened WWII vets and kicked their arses. In essence what I'm saying is...To the victors the spoils.

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Both sides have made mistakes.


The palestinians made the mistake not to accept the existence of Israel - until today. The Hamas still has not accepted that.


The Israelis are making the mistake that they don't implement a win-win-solution for both sides. I can understand why they're so alert - they were always attacked and their country is just a few kilometers deep at the thinnest part. A single crushing blow with powerful armies could cut Israel in half, thus defeating this country. And a defeat means annihilation.


Israel gave back the Sinai and the south of Libanon. They don't trust Syria and its Baath-regime...so they keep the strategic important Golan heights.


I think the best solution is to draw an ethnic line between Israel and the palestinians, fortify that line and call it "border between the nations of Israel and Palestine". It's the only way. These people can't life together - so they must life apart from each other.

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After 50 years of Israel existence still it has bordering problems with the Syrian and the Lebanon, its neighbors, beyond the serious Palestine Question. During this half century of life, the Jewish State stopped four wars with the Arab countries, besides being attacked in 1991 with the Gulf War (Iraq x Kwait). The first war, of Independence, occurred of 1948 the 1949 - when Israel was formed. Against the Israelis its Arab neighbors were all, but that they had not been enough it withhold the new State to still win the war, conquering new territories and increasing in 50% its area. As the conflict, the war of the six days, happened in 1967, when Israel got great conquests on Egypt, Syrian and Jordan - extending still more its territory. In the year of 1973, the war of the Yom Kippur came out, with Egypt and Syrian trying to recoup the lost territories for Israel in 1967. The fourth war, if is that it can be considered as such, started in 1982, and gained the alias name of the Lebanon - the Band of Security was the invasion of the Lebanese territory for Israelis forming, that lasts until today, as the invasion of hills of Gol?, Syrians since 1967. In 1979, an agreement called Agreements Camp David was signed, where Israel agrees to returning the Peninsula of the Sinai (Acquired in 1967) for Egypt. However Israel, although all these victories, did not get peace; therefore it continues fighting with a fifth element: the Palestinians, who had been dismissed of its territory and today they meet living in areas under Israeli control (Band of Gaza and Cisjord?nia), the encampments in Israel or refugee in neighboring Arab countries. Thus, since the donation of a part of Palestine for the Jews for the ONU (Declaration of Balfour) he did not have peace in the region. Between the proper Jews deep division was even created; the point of prime minister of Israel Ytzak Rabin, in 1995, to be signed by a Jew, only because the minister was favorable of the Agreement of Oslo (1993 - "land for the Palestinians and the excessively neighboring in exchange for peace for the Israelis"). This division between Israelis was clearer in 1996 with the election of Binyamin Netanyahu - for prime minister - that defended a Jewish state that occupied almost all the land of Israel. E the failure of Shimon Peres in favor of the Agreement of Oslo.


This problem between Palestinians and Israelis started already has some time, and during all this period the disagreements between Jews and Arabs come increasing gradual. Its real dimension is very bigger of the one than it seems. In a more delicate analysis we perceive that a possible acentua??o of the disputes can unchain a problem of international level if reach, for example, Iraq, the Ir? or the Saudi Arabia, that is oil areas of international distribution. In an area where the fields already are mined, easily a quarrel becomes a war, either for economic problems, politicians, ethnic. In the current world, globalizado, is clear the necessity of a external aid to decide the problem, but this will not be alone that will go to solve it. An internal awareness in the Middle East is necessary, of each Arab, each involved Jew. To obtain the peace, the enemies do not have to only wait aid, must start for giving it. As much Israel how much its neighboring countries must cease fire and start to more believe a little the authority of a word, and in the honor that it represents.
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