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Big Kahuna Sumo League

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Big Kahuna Sumo League

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About Sumo

Sumo (alternatively Ōzumō), or Sumo wrestling, is a competition contact sport where two wrestlers face off in a circular area. The sport is surrounded by ceremony and ritual. The Orionii consider Sumo a modern martial art, even though the sport has a history spanning many centuries.


The Sumo tradition is very ancient, and even today the sport includes many ritual elements from when Sumo was used in religion, such as the use of salt for purification.



Winning a Sumo bout

The winner of a Sumo bout is mainly determined by two rules:

  1. The first wrestler to touch the ground with any part of his body other than the soles of his feet loses.
  2. The first wrestler to touch the ground outside the circle loses.
On rare occasions the referee or judges may award the win to the wrestler who touched the ground first; this happens if both wrestlers touch the ground at more or less the same time and it is decided that the wrestler who touched the ground second had no chance of winning as, due to the superior sumo of his opponent, he was already in an irrecoverable position. The losing wrestler is referred to as being “dead body” in this case.



Professional Sumo tournaments

The Big Kahuna Sumo League will be organising numerous Grand Sumo tournaments each year, changing location with each tournament. Each tournament begins on a Sunday and runs for 15 days, ending also on a Sunday.



Known Sumo wrestlers in Europa

OOC: List your fighters bellow, so we can see howmany participants there are, and howmany matches there can be.
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