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The Nomadic Peoples of Mentol Mouchoirs

Guest Mentol Mouchoirs

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Guest Mentol Mouchoirs

Hello Europa,


The citizens of The Nomadic Peoples of Mentol Mouchoirs have decided to join the region of Europa. As you can see, the government of Mentol Mouchoirs tries to be a democracy. Voting is compulsory so each member of out society gets an equal voice in the empire. Furthermore we are a very welthy nation due to the hard working nomads. Economy is based on farming and high tech technology and RnD. We hope that our stay in Europa will be very inspiring and above all: fun.




btw: My maiden language isn't english(it's dutch actually), so disregard my countless spelling flaws wink.gif

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Welcome to the board. You're lucky, cause if there's something wrong, you can always just ask in Dutch.


Er zijn zoveel fijne dingen te ontdekken die voor de meeste spelers gewoonweg verborgen blijven. De links in de infobox bovenaan zouden al een klein idee moeten geven van hoe dit forum hier werkt. Zit je nog met vragen? Stel ze gerust.

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