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Upper Strathyclyde Hockey World League

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From: Rekamgil Sports Counselor

To: Opposing team nations


Oh no no my friends, you will both be having your asses handed to you. I can hear them in the stands right now: "RE-KAM-GIL...RE-KAM-GIL" The difference might be that we're going to field a male team while, judging by your photos, you'll both be putting female teams on the ice. We will show no mercy. 462.gif


user posted image

An image opposing teams will be seeing much of... Rekamgil players celebrating a goal


user posted image

Or face-washing their opponents

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Akiiryu will be more than willing to enter a team. Team Akiiryu, otherwise know as the Thunder Riders, are the bane of very one they face. Our coaching staff has, however, expressed concerned about playing Team Rekamgil as Rekamgillian goalie is a well known has-been geriatric. We'd hate for him to have a heart attack on the ice in the first period after the Thunder Riders score their 15th goal against him.


OOC: Yes, I had to take a swipe at the Senators, it would have been much worse if the pictures had been of Toronto.

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To: Akiiryu "Blunder Riders"

From: DOR Coaching Staff


This team is satisfied that our so-called "geriatric has-been" goal tender will more than be up for the challenge... his league-leading Goals Against Average should put paid to any doubters misgivings. Your feeble insults will only make your ultimate defeat seem THAT much more sweet... oh so sweet.


My team captain: "Bring it on!"

Aki team captain: "Oh it's already been broughten!" cool.gif

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