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Warning & Punishment (3 Strikes)

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In light of recent events, I propose this small set of clear role-play warnings and the appropriate punishments. You are free to comment, as long as you stay on topic. (This should not take ages.)


Moderation and administration have agreed on the following warnings and punishments regarding role-playing on this board:

  1. Strike 1: Godmodding, multiing, clear racism and other behaviour deemed as 'misbehaviour' by the members in general and moderators/administrators in particular will be subject to the following warning: the member(s) will receive a clear warning by a role-play moderator (regular members have to inform a moderator of the abuse via private message, as they are no moderator).
  2. Strike 2: If the initial first warning is ignored and more misbehaviour from the member(s) takes place then a three (3) day warning will be issued during which all posts on the entire forum will be presented to a moderator for review before appearing on the board.
  3. Strike 3: If both the first and second warnings are ignored, the following measures will be taken by moderation/administration: one (1) full week of moderation of all posts; a ban from the role-play section for a full week as well; the senate will discuss the matter and decide if additional punishment(s) are in order.
  4. Ban: If the member(s) still continue to be a pest, no further warning will be given and the member(s) is immediately banned from the board untill pigs fly.
As said: you are free to comment/add/suggest, just as long as you stay on topic. Edited by orioni (see edit history)
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None, Scipii. Otherwise you would have noticed something. I know we had a minor conflict some time ago (which was my mistake, because I forgot something I probably should have remembered), but I hope that's in the past now.


Let's get back on topic now. I see three people agree with the warning-system already. No suggestions have been made on how to change them, even a little. That's ok.

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I'm for it, makes sense.


If you are actually going to set it in writing, just make sure to add, "or anything deemed similar", so you have some room to open it up. YOu never know when something may come up that is outside the bounds of this.

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Alright, this seems to be generally accepted. I'll write a decent full text later this evening, and include some more helpfull information, such as using the "Report"-button (next to "Quote").

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