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Flag & signature: Vocenae

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Hey Orioni? I was wondering if you could make my flag all nice and wavy with photoshop and such and if you could make something akin to Rekamgil's signature tag image. Make whatever modifications you think would make both look better.


My flag: user posted image


Tag Image: user posted image



Will do. I posted this here as a reference.

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Your flags are ready.



user posted image



user posted image 4.68 KB


Overlay 1:

user posted image 7.65 KB


Overlay 2:

user posted image 6.99 KB


Overlay 3:

user posted image 6.59 KB


All are 100% compatible with NationStates.net and are ready to use in this forum.


Regarding your signature. You wanted something similar to the roundel you see here, right?


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