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Rekamgillian Ice Swimming


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Open Invitaton to All Foreign Heads of State


An exercise in goodwill... come take a plunge in our ice hole!


One of Rekamgil's fondest and most beloved traditions is ice swimming. Our winter climate can be frigid and our citizens feel that we might as well embrace the weather! Ice swimming is swimming in a body of water with a frozen crust of ice, which requires cutting a hole in the ice. Medical studies have proven that ice swimming makes the hypothalamus release endorphins, morphine-like hormones which cause a feeling of well-being. Maybe this accounts for Rekamgillians' legendary even-headedness?!


At any rate, once a year, our President goes for a dunk for the national cameras; our citizens love it. This year we are sending all proceeds to the victims of Tigger-Growlia's recent epidemic. In the interest of fostering goodwill, we invite all heads of state in Europa to join in the festivities, to help people in need, and to show the region that we are not all about politics and quarrelling! The event will take place in exactly two weeks' time. We sincerely hope that most heads of state will be able to clear a day in their calendars for a very good cause, and a very good time.


Oh, also, please rest assured, we will have an outdoor sauna nearby so that leaders unused to such recreation won't get too cold...


user posted image

President Rekam and Foreign Secretary Aquilini at last year's event!

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To: Rekamgil

From: Dictator Richard Haller


This may end in frozen tears to me, but i will show up at the event. Hope we all will have some fun! Besides, if we have some thicker ice layers, we could do some slippery soccer matches...


Yours truly,

Dictator Richard Haller

Rep?blica Popular de Emakera

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Despite the evident international lack of interest in one of Rekamgil's national past-times, the event went ahead with the Prime Minister of Upper Strathyclyde, the leader of Emakera, Her Royal Highness the Empress of Orioni, President Rekam, his wife, and several members of cabinet taking the plunge. It was a busy week for all heads of state and so the DOR respectfully thanks all those who did participate. Unfortunately, the heads of state could only make a day trip, before jetting off about their various affairs.


Nevertheless, an impressive turnout resulted with an estimated 28,000 people in attendence to spectate and many hundreds took to the water once the digitaries had had their turns. Donations for the event raised a total of $78,000 nationwide. This figure was matched by the DOR government, which is sending the total ($156,000) to Tigger-Growlia for a small measure of releif for the victims of the recent epidemic. The government suggested that this money go towards buying toys and educational supplies for children orphaned by the disaster.


All in all, it was a successful event; here are some photos:


user posted image

The Foreign Secretary's Wife


user posted image

Spectators taking their turn


user posted image

Another group of spectators also showed up


user posted image

Member of DOR Security Service patrolling for "unexpected" threats from under the ice

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That $156,000 you managed to aquire is an impressive figure. Collections in our own nations gathered about Φ100.000 as well, which the government will double to the round sum of Φ200.000. And all this to help the people of Tigger-Growlia.


Well, we can honestly say we had a great time. It sure is different from the hot springs we have in my own country. Perhaps, in another lifetime, we'll organise a similar event.


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E-mail sent to President Rekam




Thanks for the invitation, i loved swimming on ice and stuff. That was just too cool... too cool that i?m suffering of a pneumonia by now -_-Bummer, i?ll be missing the carnaval down here, but you surely don?t deserve the same fate XD I?ll be making an announcement soon on this one... rush to get a place in the VIP chambers on it to watch Bisler?s renomned Carnival!







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