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Medicinal Marijuana Trade Alliance


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Recognizing that medcinal marijuana has signficant beneficial effects and no serious adverse ones;


Being an actual user of legalized marijuana as an alternative to tradtional cancer treatment;


The Tribal Tribunal of the Socialist Tribal Alliance of Mongol-Swedes has decided to invest in an international effort to make marijuana, under the careful watch of responsible governments, cheaper and easier to acquire for medicinal purposes for the average citizen. We are calling on other nations who would share in our endeavour to make the world a more enjoyable and healthier place for mankind by supporting the MMRTA (Medicinal Marijuana Research and Trade Alliance) Initiative.

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The Socialist Tribal Tribunal of Mongol-Swedes heartily welcomes the S.S.S.S. into the MMRTA and encourages other nations to contribute to a truly noble cause.


A study done by ProCon.org on the pros and cons of medicinal marijuana has concluded that many American studies concerning the potential for lung cancer as a result of smoking medicinal marijuana(although simple chewing of the leaves has been found to be sufficient for medicinal purposes) were done very poorly, and did not account for those test subjects involved that also smoked tobacco before or outside of the study during its proceedings.Tobacco, virtually legal worldwide, has been proven to contain at least 200 lethal additives and naturally occuring substances.


(Technical Note: I was unable to upload the logo, but it looks superb, Pot.)

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Dearest Social_Alliance_Of_Mongol-Swedes,


We are more than happy to join the MMRTA (Medicinal Marijuana Research and Trade Alliance)and we offer the product itself to patients in need of it at a greatly reduced and sometime completely free(if they can't afford it)


We the nation of Selene2u have marijuana farms all over the countryside.We have the perfect weather for it and it grows well here.Besides tourism it is a major source of income for us.


We are more than happy to join these efforts!

We have addressed this issue to the UN in the past with no result! sad.gif



Queen Selene

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Phil IV heartily approves of this great new venture, Phil's peopel have known of the great qualities this herb has for many years, and it has been fully legal for as long as Phil has been on the throne.


Phil IV wishes to join this new alliance, and will also support the making of a UN resolution about it, as a UN member, i will be sure to vote for it.

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The Tribal Tribunal of the Socialist Tribal Alliance of Mongol-Swedes heartily welcomes all new members to the MMRTA, and expresses its deepest gratitude for the support each has pledged for this alliance. (OOC:In other words, you guys rule. I'm like one of a few people who are on legalized marijuana in America as an alternative to other skin cancer therapy methods.)

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Millbrex, as a country with fully legal medical and recreational marijuana use, endorses this bill.


The liberal attitude of Europa is to be applauded, we also look forward to trading our various blends with other countries in exchange for their local produce.


Millbrex is currently assessing a variety of marijuana based technologies both civilian and military, and hopes that there may even be scope within the MMRTA for an exchage of ideas relating to smoking paraphernalia.

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The borderlands of Oneiro would be glad to join in the MMRTA. Most of the tribes have a long history of herbal medicine, and we would be glad to trade knowledge and seeds of our different breeds, as well as knowledge of any other medicinal herb that might be helpful. However, our knowledge is mostly limited to it's application, as we have yet to establish large scaled industrial production.

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The Chosen Nations would like to make its voice heard:


The Chosen Nations does not recognise any laws that state that Marijuana should be legal, even for medicinal purposes.


If any nation, or the citizens of any Nation are found to be exporting Marijuana into The Chosen Nations, The Chosen Nations shall seize the Marijuana stock, and destroy it. The Chosen Nations will then bring up criminal preceedings against the individuals, or the Nation. The Maximum sentence for exporting an illegal substance into The Chosen Nations is the death penalty. The law shall be used against citizens of The Chosen Nations and citizens of other Nations.


If a Nation is found guitly of exporting Marijuana, or aiding the export of Marijuana, into The Chosen Nations, The Chosen Nations, shall take swift and lethal criminal and military preceedings.


Firsly The Chosen Nations shall discover and destroy all the Marijuana that is in the guilty nation, and exterminate all elected or non-elected officials who supported the export of Marijuana, REGARDLESS OF THE CONSIQUENCES.


If individuals are found guitly of exporting Marijuana, or aiding the export of Marijuana, into The Chosen Nations, The Chosen Nations shall expect full co-operation from the nation in which they reside. The Chosen Nations shall dement they be extradited to The Chosen Nations, at the cost of The Chosen Nations, to face their punishment.


The Chosen Nations is very firm in its views and will not back down. If we do not recieve full co-operation WAR IS A DISTINCT POSSIBILY WITH ANY NATION REGARDELSS OF SIZE.

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To:The Chosen Nations

From:The Tribal Tribunal, The Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa



Our shipping and trade operations are heavily restricted, one of the founding cornerstones of the MMRTA being to weaken the black market trade of this drug. Further, the Alliance only operates between those nations that have pledged support to this Alliance, once again we do NOT engage in black market shipping or extra-territorial shipping.


Given your particularly aggressive stance on this issue, we would advise The Chosen Nations to keep a respectable distance from the MMRTA's internationally recognized Research Island, noted on the regional map. This area submits to regular United Nations inspections, and the island has been officially declared a demilitarized zone, devoid of any armed presence. The personnel that operate on the island are leading researchers, medical experts, and world-class botanists, all are civilians that have voluntarily undertaken this research with the blessing of those nations which have committed to this alliance.


Violation of this demilitarized policy by ANY nation, we feel, is a violation of international policy, regardless of your affiliation (or lack thereof) with the United Nations.


FURTHER, we would like to also inform you that all MMRTA shipping on the high seas, i.e. beyond any particular nation's territorial waters, is to be respected like any other commercial shipping enterprise. We take great pride in our strict regulation of our shipping, with a track record of near-perfection, with limited conflict with non-Alliance members.


While our military is by no means numerically substantial, you will likely hear from other nations the effectiveness of our defense forces. We would wish to avoid any conflict on this issue, however, given our strict neutrality policy in the region. Should your nation, or any nation, choose to hamper this peaceful international endeavour, that our Peoples and the peoples of many other nations struggled for years to gain regional recognition, rest assured that The Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa will respond decisively. We apprecaite your understanding on this matter, and look forward to smooth relations.



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