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Word of Christ


Karelia-Ivanovia: Bastion of Evil


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Karelia-Ivanovian soldiers destroying Churches and murdering Priests


Brothers and sisters, followers of the one True Holy Faith and Church. A grave threat rises and rears its ugly head, it is the banner and embodiment of Satanism, Heretics, Communism, Aethism and many other wrong ideas that Satan has created and tempted us with. Its name, Karelia-Ivanovia. Led by a Cabal of Communist Warlocks who spread lies about the power of communism and enslave the population, it destroys the bastions of the Holy Faiths using brainwashed soldiers. Adultery and other sins are rife as the government encourages these sins calling them acts of freedom and equality. They are nothing more than tools of the Devil to tempt man.


But those who remain faithful and trust in God, if you die a martyr, you shall be rewarded in Heaven, if you survive, help those around you and cast out the devil and when you die, you shall be rewarded in heaven too. God iswith you bothers and sisters, trust in him and your soul is saved.


Written by Fr. Joseph Bernado

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People's Commissariat for International Affairs


Karelia-Ivanovian government would like to deny all claims presented by the "Word of Christ", propaganda horn of a dangerous extremist cult.


1) Karelia-Ivanovia is not led by a cabal of "communist warlocks", it is led by a Council of the People's Commissars appointed by the Supreme People's Soviet, which in turn is directly elected by Karelia-Ivanovian citizens over 21 years of age.


2) United Soviet Republics of Karelia-Ivanovia does not spread lies about anyone and we do not enslave anyone. No "bastions of holy faith" have been destroyed as the government of the United Soviet Republics respects freedom of religion and no one has been brainwashed.


3) Since the government of Karelia-Ivanovia supports the doctrine of religious freedom combined with separation of church and state, we do not impose our own moral code upon our citizens. Thus we do not consider it to be government's business to police over it's citizens supposed adulteries, but we do not encourage such acts either, as the Nationalist Workers' Party views that a family is one of basic concepts of a socialist worker society.


Furthermore, we would like to make a correction regarding the picture which shows soldiers claimed to be Karelia-Ivanovians destroying a religious monument. After reviewing this picture, People's Commissariat for Information has concluded that soldiers in the picture are not Karelia-Ivanovian, but in fact belonging to an unspecified nazi country, as a flag showing the symbol of nazi opressors, swastika, can be seen in the picture, being held by a soldier outside the picture who is without doubt waiting to carry that flag on the top of a church, to finalize the destruction of a holy site by national socialist devils!


Again more proof that fascism is not only an enemy of free workers of the world, but also an enemy of freedom of religion. Comrades, let us unite against the fascist devil.



Comrade Oleg Molotov,

People's Commissar for International Affairs

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To: Secadores, Karelia-Ivanovia

From: Upper Strathyclyde




In the spirit of brotherhood and unity, we ask that you analyze the true enemies, or the true combatants. War and fighting only serves itself, and is the only real enemy. While we condemn the acts of the Ivan government of repressing freedom, we feel that each nation does have a right, as long as its people vote it into office in free democratic elections, to run it as they see fit. And that is as long as they are propped up solely by the elections that put them in power. Not by guns and revolutionaries.


Both sides should calm down, and remain friendly, regardless of what debunked old prejudices have taken root in thier respective offices. We do hope you can botrh set aside differences, rather than let yet another cold war come to the world.

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