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Delegacy Bug


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At this very moment, all over Nationstates delegates are been throned an dethroned. Some nations with only a few endorsments become delegacte in stead of the nation with the most endorsment. This is caused by some bug... Thus far, Europa hasn't been affected yet. Let's hope it stays that way.


Today, 7:48 PM


Problems with UN Delegacies


Yes, we know that nations are losing delegacies all across the world.

Yes, we know the cause of the problem and have a solution in place.

Yes, the nation's that have lost the delegacy REALLY HAVE lost the delegacy, and all game play may proceed as if they had lost it normally.

Yes, the secretary who seems to have forgotten that we have 2 filing cabinets of UN nations, not 1 will be fired. Unfortunately, due to her contract, we must allow her to finish her current job of updating all UN records. As soon as she finishes, she'll be fired and we'll have a more senior official go through both filing cabinets and (hopefully) fix everything. This will result in doubled issues and other effects, though I doubt that anyone will mind.


Serious questions, comments, and concerns may be posted below. 




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All across the Nation States World, Delegate seats are changing hands when they should not do so. In a great many regions (such as the Rejected Realms, the South Pacific, the East Pacific, the West Pacific, Belgium, Axis of Absurdity, Deux Ex Machina, Ireland, Sweden, USSR, NationStates, Equilism, Quebec, Australia, Europe, and Canada) they have lost their Delegates to other UN Member states with clearly less endorsements than would be required to take over the Delegateship. This has not followed a pattern, affecting both old and new Delegates; regions small and large; game created regions and player created regions.


In other places in the Nation States World endorsements mysteriously vanished throughout the Region. While this bug continues to play havoc with the UN Membership, should continue to remain vigilant with regards to invaders taking advantage of the situation and should consider the well being of their allies.


It should also be noted that because of the UN Membership bug, the voting in the UN for the current Resolution is completely out of whack, with the vote evening out, where before the Against side had looked to have a clear victory.



Here in Europa, Orioni still holds the delegacy, but there was a major drop in endorsments..


Endorsements Received: 35 (Rikx, The transparent, Tavonopolis, Iruseia, Crepusculi, Simkid, Endymion, Balsam, Emperial Hebron, Scubus, Byzantium Nova, Gargu, Shindon, Great Pete, Solonsus, Zetalon, Cheesy custard, Savinie, Castillanos, Neute, Aslamia, Ludvika, Myrja, Enn Vee, Arkash, Ketia, Garlandian, Splitpin, Rhaumania, Empire Europe, The Blue Tiger, Zinloos Geweldig, Mooretopia, Aronien, Solomonotopia)
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