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Akiiryu as War Mod

Should Akiiryu be War Mod?  

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  1. 1. Should Akiiryu be War Mod?

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Sorry if this is uncouth. It seems tht we all know now that we should be civil. We all know that we want this Hidaya Miliki thing solved amicably (OOC). Several of us, I suspect, want to see it through ASAP. Several of us have offered out votes for Aki as war mod. So I propose we vote on it. Give it 24 "real time" hours and at the end of the voting period, if Aki has more "yes" than "no", then we do this thing!


Or if anyone knows how many people actually have a stake in this, state so (probably not more than 12??), then we can wait till Aki has a majority (which looks like that'll happen fast) and he can begin his planning immediately. I'd say 8 "yes" votes (certainly 10) would easily constitute a majority of the interested parties?

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Thank you for this R. I will not vote.


If in 24 hours I have a majority I would request all players submit their war plans to the OOC HM thread. I would also ask they submit their ideas for outcome (Xheng's defeat yes, but I need greater detail).


I will state now:


1) The missile launch by the combined Tag/Aki fleet will be considered to have happened (opening shots of the war!) and the Freedom Ship will be considered to have been captured. These points are non-debatable as they occurred before the thread was closed. They also had mod agreement and player recognition.


2) Based on his comments and actions, Xheng OOC will be considered to have given up his right to participate in this war, even though it will affect his nation.


3) I trust, if voted in, I can rely on rp mods to deal with any god moding/trolling outside the war thread.

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but you have NO right to put yourself up as a warmod for this particular war. You're involved in it already, and you can't maintain neutrality as a mod, while being subjective as a RPer.


Sorry but this thread should be closed down. Asking for war mod abilities is adding insult to injury and it a plain conflict of interest. You only want to enforce OOC attitudes into an IC situation which pretty much eliminates your objectivity to begin with.


Things like this shouldn't be left to a vote because a vote can easily result in "mob rule". Unfortunlately I had to quote Pauline Hanson of Australia's One Nation party on that but she had a point when she said it.


The only way that Aki should be a war mod, if he's not in this war to begin with.

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