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Abu Ghraib pictures

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Washington says new Abu Ghraib pictures shouldn't be released

Fresh pictures of Iraqi prisoners allegedly being abused by American soldiers have been published, with Washington saying they could not have come at a worse time. They were taken in 2003, around the same time as the original images that sparked the scandal.


The new, more graphic images do not help anyone, argued US State Department legal advisor John Bellinger: "It's unfortunate though that the photographs are continuing to come out, because I think it simply fans the flames at a time that sentiments on these issues are raw around the world."


The pictures reopen the debate on wider US policy on detainees, according to Amrit Singh from the American Civil Liberties Union: "The American public has a right to know exactly what happened, not just at Abu Ghraib, but elsewhere in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay. And the American public has a further right to know what policies and practices were instituted by its government that eventually led to the abuse of detainees," she said.


The Australian TV station that broadcast the pictures says hundreds of others exist. The Pentagon says more than 25 military personnel have been held accountable for what it called "criminal acts and other failures" at the prison.



Hei people What abaut this?

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Sounds kinda stupid to launch these unseen pictures right new. If the situation in muslim countries isn't tense enough after those Muhammed-cartoons. What more can these pictures contribute then cause more civil commotion? I thought that the responsibles for what happened in Abu-Graib had already been sentenced.

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