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All, this is Duke Tigger (cough cough cough) from the great nation of Tigger-Growlia. We have been struck by a terrible and very virulent flu virus known as the Snarkish-Flu.


Please see (cough cough cough)...our news network TGNN for more information.


The flu which began in the Northern Hills city of Mossie (sneeze...achooo!) has spread rapidly across Tigger-Growlia and has affected in excess of 40% of the population. All services have been drastically affected and....excuse me, I'm a bit weak...and...and our hospitals are overwhelmed.


In order to prevent the spread of this flu further we have sealed (cough cough cough cough cough) our...borders....to both arriving and departing traffic. Shipping vessels have been advised to return.


We believe that this flu was caused from refugees attemting to come to Tigger-Growlia fleeing from the Hidaya-Miliky conflict. Please ensure that all of your own refugees are healthy and.....(ACHOOO!)...and that you take all precautions to protect your own populace.


Tigger-Growlia is immediately appealing to any nations with the extra capacity to send medical supplies, mobile hospitals and doctors (with protective gear) to our capital Bouncia.


As well, we are greatly concerned about our energy provision sector and if any nations can provide us with engineers to help run power-plants we would be...oh my...<SWOON>....oh....my




<Noise heard in the background..."Oh my Pooh, did he just collapse, GO OFF AIR GO OFF AI-">








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We?ll keep our eyes open for any case. Unfortunately, we do not have enough medical supplies to help your nation, and we have barely enough to keep us safe in case of infection here. Thanks for warning us, and good luck. If possible, send us samples of the virus for research of a possible cure-- in this, we can help.

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People's Commissariat of Foreign Affairs


On behalf of the Council of People's Commissars, the People's Commissariat of Foreign Affairs announces Premier Cherkassov's decision to immediately suspend all traffic between Karelia-Ivanovia and Tigger-Growlia.


Units under People's Commissariat of National Defense and People's Commissariat of State Security are authorized to use lethal force in order to prevent spreading of the virus to Karelia-Ivanovia.


- Oleg Molotov,

People's Commissar of Foreign Affairs

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To: Duke Tigger

From: Vanarambaion


The hospital ship HMS Ravenloft has been dispatched to Tigger-Growlia, re your request. It should arrive within the next 3-4 days. Unfortunately, most of our engineering capacity has been sent to the Xheng front to build war materiel, and the rest is needed on the home front. We are certain, however, that another allied nation can fill this request.

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Dear President of Tiggerians:


From the Free Land of Lion Justice we are worried about your flu pandemia. We think your flu is not related with actual and dangerous birds-flu NH5, but with tiggers flu. As we are a feline country too, some time ago our scientists made a vacumm against our lions flu.

We send you, generously, all our vacumms excedents in order to help you to stop the flu in your country.


Yours faithfuly,


Mr. Tokotama, Director of Crowned Lion Hospital


with the agreement of


Andrew, The FirstCalled by Lion, President

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The DOR is unable to send any vessels, as we are currently building them. Our national animal is The Cat, however, so our connection to that animal, as well as our committment to alleviate suffering wherever it occurs, has prompted this government to transfer $100,000 to the government of Upper Stratyclyde to assist in and expand its own relief effort. If the US government feels that it can put these funds to good use in its effort, so much the better. If the US government believes that the Tigger-Growlian government would better disseminate and administer these funds, they can transfer such funds to the Tigger-Growlian government, as it sees fit.


We hope you all get better!

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"This is BNN live at Belgrade, awaiting a press statement from the SB government on the virus outbreak in Tigger-Growila. We bring you to the Parliament press room as the SB Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Tatjana Lagumdzija is entering now."


"Good afternoon, as many of you are aware, Tigger-Growila is facing a crippling virus pandemic and has issued a plea for help from the other nations of Europa for medical assistance along with engineers to assist them with their power outages. We are currently deploying the Biohazard Disaster Assistance Relief Team(DART), which will be ready to fly to Tigger-Growila within approximately 15 hours onboard 5 Il-76MF military transports. We have readied two Hippocrates-class hospital ships and are currently en route...we expect a maximum 4 days for them to reach their destination, pending good weather. We are compiling a group of volunteer engineers from both civil and military areas and expect to be ready to send them, along with full protective gear, within 72 hours via air transport.


We hope and pray that we can overcome this with as little casualties as possible. Godspeed."


"It seems that Slavic Byzantium is willing to pledge full support towards Tigger-Growila. We are all pleased with this outcome, but remain weary of any possible contamination upon the return of our people. This is Trish Takinawa, signing out."

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The Blessed State has decided to prevent any out break of this virus in Secadores, all traffic going to Tigger-Growlia will be stopped, trade will be stopped and no humantarian aid will be sent in case of infection. Anyone attempting to go there will be detained until the crisis is over, and refugees from Tigger-Growlia will be detained as well. This is until the crisis is over.

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