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President P.Logo of Greece is caught....


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People of Europa,


I come to you today in mist of a regional war! Thats right, WAR! At this very minute we have launched several large water ballons at Karpathos and they have all been filled with distilled water! Thats right, DISTILLED! This will no doubt get many people wet and lower their body tempature. This may even make a few people angry. This is all in response to our belief that P.Logo has stolen my bag of pot. We apologize in advance for the destruction and wetness these acts have brought but hope the people of Europa understand that this had to be done.


President Pot


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Phil IV steps up to the podium at the press conference to make an announcement of neutriality in the upcoming conflict, as he opens his mouth to speak however, a small water balloon struck the side of his head, soaking him from head to toe in old fashoned H2O.


Incensed with rage he declares an Aqueous war on SS and Karpathos, and states his intent to send out specially trained squads armed with the very latest MegaSoaker MRK2F1000 to hunt down the offenders, and maybe loot some pot while their at it...

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Queen Selene makes a public statement on SNTV(Selene National TV)


I have a solution for President Pot,President P.Logo and King Phil IV;


I invite you to a private summit in an undisclosed location in Selene2u.


You will each have all the Pot you can smoke and we can (I think) find a solution


for this new conflict that has developed between you. I will even provide a "wet


area" where water balloons and water guns can be used to get your ya-yas out!(If


you still feel like it!)


I look forward to being your hostess...Let me know if you agree with this


proposal and it will be set up right away.





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Phil IV takes this oppertunity to welcome Queen Selines offer of peaceful talks, while at the same time experimentig with new aqueous weapons produced by some of the top scientists in Phil IV.


Phil also looks forward to the 'wet area', and is hoping that our dear hostess will take part in this orgainsed water war.

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