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Looking for Used Equipment

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Bulletin - DOR Department of Defence


The Dept of defence is looking to equip its small, defensive navy with some relatively modern ships (used preferably since cost is currently a factor). We are looking for some light cruisers than can act as submarine hunters. We are also looking for some submarines.


We are also looking for some Armoured Personnel Carriers for our growing army.


Please repond any nation willing to supply the DOR.

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You will be pleased to know that your hunt for naval combat vessels is over. The arms manufacturers of Liberallandia have designed strong, but affordable battleships that can be added to any naval defense force.

here they are:


Battle Ships



Name: NCV (Naval Combat Vessel) Type-001 ?n00b crusher?


Purpose: Anti-air combat, naval combat, ocean/sea based siege and assault of cities and fortresses.


Speed: 40 knots


Crew size: 1300


*Price: 500,000,000


Name: NCV Type-002 ?little crusher?


Purpose: Anti-air combat, naval combat.


Speed: 37 knots


Crew size: 1000


*Price: 400,000,000


*All prices are negotiable

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Reply issued to vendor:


Thank you for your offer. However, since we are looking to equip both our army and navy, this department cannot justfy to its superiors the purchase of such expensive equipment, no matter how excellently it is designed. We will keep you in mind for future equipment upgrades.



DOR Director General for Defence Contracting

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We are currently in surplus of the following, in which you may have free of cost. We regret, that since it is free, we cannot give in large amounts.




10 AMI 2 Spartan APC

user posted image




:arrow: Length 5.12m;

:arrow: Width 2.24m;

:arrow: Height 2.26m;

:arrow: Weight 8.17 tonnes;

:arrow: Max Road Speed 80.5kph;

:arrow: Engine Jaguar 4.2 litre;

:arrow: Crew Commander, driver and 5 crew;

:arrow: Armament 7.62mm machine gun.





5 AMI 43 Light Tank

user posted image


:arrow: Armament

:arrow: 100-mm rifled gun, AMI-10T2S

:arrow: Fire-on-Move



3 AMI-90 Light Attack/Trainer

user posted image




Role - Ground Attack/Jet Trainer

Length - 16.36 m

Span - 8.24 m

Speed - Mach 2

Combat Radius - 768 KM


6,085 kg of mixed ordinances ( Rockets, Missles, Bombs )

30-mm cannon

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DOR Press Release:


The government of Upper Strathclyde has graciously and selflessly, true to form, offered this government some of its surplus military equipment. This government humbly accepts this equipment and assures its esteemed ally that these weapons will be used to foster amity and mutual understaning througout Europa. We will arrange for the transport of this equipment to Rekamgil immediately.




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To: Rekamgil

From: Upper Strathyclyde




Our Defense Command has determined that the rest of our surplus, rather than be decommisioned and scrapped, will be sent to you, along with tech crews, to assist in self maintenance. We have also included 2 Outdated Destroyers, for your growing navy. Please understand that this is the most we can give at this time, and we hope you find this to be satisfactory.


OOC: I'm going to be phasing out a bunch of stuff, so I giving stuff away, soi I can update my tanks and stuff. Best not let it go to waste wink.gif





Here is a list of the surplus material



10 AMI-42 Light Tank

user posted image

Price: ?2.1 Million




Weight (kg) - 62,000

Length - 8.78 m

Width - 3.7 m

Height - 9'6"

Top Speed - 55 kph

Engine - 1200 hp AMI-9AR diesel

Main Gun - 120mm Smooth Bore

Secondary Weapons - 7.62mm Machinegun[/b]



1 AMI 15 Joint Attack Fighter

user posted image

Price: ? 20.3 Million




:arrow: Multi-role fighter

:arrow: Weight - 40,565 lb empty / 74,956 lb max. take off

:arrow: Speed - 2,440 km/h

:arrow: One GSh-30-1 30mm cannon, plus up to 18,075 lb including R-73/R-77 AAMs, ASMs, bombs, rockets, drop tanks, and ECM pods carried on fourteen external points



2 AMI-21 Rocket Artillery System

user posted image

Price: ?3.2 Million




Diameter - 273mm

Weight - 505 Kilograms

Range - 80 km

Warhead - 330 lbs, HE blast/fragmentation




2 Prague Class Light Destroyer

user posted image

Price: ?40 Million




Speed - 35 kts

Crew - 400

Engine - 2 gas turbines AMI 120 @ 27,500 SHP/2 motors AMI 220 @ 7,000 SHP



1 launcher VIPER to 8 cells

1 SM-1MR TARTAR missile launcher

1 StoS missile launcher

1 127/54 milimeter OTO gun

2 76/62 milimeter OTO guns

2 light triple mounts for torpedo

2 AMI light rocket launchers

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To: Uppper Strathyclyde

From: DOR Foreign Secretary


This government lacks the words necessary to express our gratitude. Thank you. We have recently sent an encoded message to your government expressing our willingness to coordinate with you on exercises; we greatly look forward this excellent opportunity for learning and are pleased beyond words to be under your tutelage. We anticipate that, with US help, our forces (and our nation) will soon be able to mount massive and well-coordinated humanitarian and peaceful missions.


Thanks again to the US government. If all nations in Europa could follow the US government's lead regarding friendship and amity, this region would be a much happier and peaceful place.

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