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An Imperial Marriage

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Holy Imperial Press Statement


The Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium is pleased to announce the opening of marriage negotiations between itself and the glorious and most Christian Grand Empire of Rhomanoi.


The marriage is to be between the ruling Emperor of Rhomanoi, his Imperial Majesty, Andronicus VII and the Holy Emperor of Tagmatium?s eldest daughter, Caesarina Euphrosyne, who is 19 years of age. Under Rhomanoi law, his Imperial Majesty, Andronicus VII, will not be able to marry until he is 18, which will be on the 25th 2006. This gives the two Empires time to decide on any terms and clauses in the treaty, which will, it is undoubted, bring the two most Christian Empires closer together.


Items to be decided on will include in which nation the ceremony will take place, and who will perform the sacred rite of marriage between the two Imperial persons.

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We hereby present our congratulations to the happy couple for this joyous event, on behalf of Her Imperial Majesty, Her Imperial Majesty's Government and the peoples of the Beautiful Empire. This is such splendid news and we would like to congratulate both Andronicus VII and Caesarina Euphrosyne with their upcoming wedding.


May happiness and fortune be yours in years to come!

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Arranged marriage is almost alien for our people, but anyway, we offer our votes of happiness and eternal love for the couple, and votes of prosperity and peace (something that, may i say, is not showing up much these days) for both the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium and the Christian Grand Empire of Rhomanoi! If you both nations won?t be offended, we?d like to offer some gifts and furniture for the couple.


Regards and best of luck,

Dictator Richard Haller

Rep?blica Popular de Emakera

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From: The Imperial Chancellor, Malaetu Shakor


On Behalf of the Eternal Imperium and its glorious ruler, Emperor Khan II, I congrulate the Emperors of Tagmatium and Rhomanoi on this arrangement and await an invitation to the celebrations in the near future, since Emperor Khan would like to be present if possible.

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***Hartford Hall Statment***


We would like to congradulate the couple on this great ocasion. we wish them a long life and happyness together. if posible, the Adapton King and Queen would love to join the prosedings, and give their blessings in person.


Hartford Hall Royal Spokesman.

David Loyan.




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Imperial Rhomanoi Telex Service.


It is with great joy that we accept the offer of Imperial Marriage from the Tagmatine Empire, and enter into open and full negotiations on the clauses of the arrangement. We would be only too happy to surrender the happy occasion of the marriage ceremony to the Tagmatine Empire, trusting, as we do, in their clear and conscience ability to deal with these issues.


With regards to the Treaty, we wish to express our sincere hopes that it will produce close political, economic and cultural ties between our two countries - especially with regards to issues of trade, international crime, research and development and other important areas of concern.


Once again, we wish to convey our happiness at this offer, and offer our sincere thanks to the nations who have offered their congratulations to this great bound forwards for both Tagmatium and Rhomanoi.



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To: Concerned Nations

From: The Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Re: Imperial Marriage


I thank all the nations who have offered their congratulations to both Tagmatium and the Grand Empire of Rhomanoi.


Rhomanoi has allowed the Greater Holy Empire to host the ceremony, which is to be held in the great Cathedral of Tagmatica, in the heart of the Imperial captial. A date will be set for the event soon enough, but, as yet, nothing has been finalised.


All of the heads of state of Europa, crowned or otherwise, will be invited. For this special day, it is best to put aside all of the partial differences that have sprung up in the region. If the Greater Holy Empire is at war with a state, we will declare amnesty for any delegate or group of delegates that they wish to send to this event.


Any gifts are welcome, so long as it is not perishable.


Commodus III James,


Holy Emperor of Tagmatium

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To: Tagmatium and Rhomanoi

From: SPA


The Prince, Baronic Council and People of Akiiryu offer their congratulations. The Prince, himself of Tagamatine blood, will be honoured to attend the celebrations with his wife and a small party of officials.



1st Minister,

Akiiryan Baronic Council

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The Imperial government of Rhomanoi is pleased to announce that the Senate Foreign Affairs Consultative Committee has completed the drafting, with HIH Andronicus VII, of the new Treaty between ourselves and Tagmatium. In line with Article 7, directive 2, paragraph 6 of the Imperial Treaties and Agreements Act (2000), the Imperial government hereby publishes the treaty that we hope to seal with our upcoming marriage alliance with Tagmatium.


Treaty between Rhomanoi and Tagmatium.


Preamble: So as to better our relationship, and so as to further the link between our two nations forged in the fires of history and war, and at the altar through the sanctity of marriage, we, HIH Commodus III of Tagmatium, and HIH Andronicus VII of Rhomanoi, do solemnly assent to the terms of the treaty contained forthwith. We deem the terms of this treaty to be legally and morally binding onto both our nations in equal measure.


Article I. This Treaty shall establish a permanent and enduring link of friendship between the Grand Empire of Rhomanoi (hereinafter referred to as Rhomanoi), and the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium (hereinafter referred to as Tagmatium), to endure throughout the ages for the betterment of both these nations.


Article II. This Treaty shall establish a permanent defensive military alliance between Rhomanoi and Tagmatium. This entitles both nations to respond to the aid of the other in the event of an attack, and grants them full casus belli on their common enemies. This alliance bars all aggressive moves by one of the nations towards the other, or any attempt by one of the nations to directly and intentionally harm or otherwise detract from the interests of the other.


Article III. This Treaty shall establish a free-trade zone between the nations of Rhomanoi and Tagmatium. This zone shall comprise these two nations, and it will entail both nations refraining from any tariff or custom duty on the others? goods, services or people being moved from one nation to another. Those wishing to trade between these two countries shall be allowed to conduct this trade through more open channels than is standard in either country. Both nations are also bound to avoid unwarranted manipulation of their own currency in such a manner as would harm the economic and financial relationship between these two countries.


Article IV. This Treaty shall establish an exchange of permanent diplomatic envoys (embassies) between the nations of Rhomanoi and Tagmatium. These bodies shall ensure continuous and open communication and political links between the two countries. The head of each mission shall be appointed with the joint ratification of both heads of state of the two nations.


Article V. This Treaty shall establish a free and open exchange of knowledge on all matters regarding international terrorism, criminal activity and the military and political activities of those states deemed to be common enemies to Rhomanoi and Tagmatium. This exchange shall be conducted through direct channels between the two nations, which shall be established with the governmental apparatus of both nations, through their own political processes.


Article VI. This Treaty shall establish a state of full recognition and communion between the Tagmatine Orthodox Church and the Imperial Orthodox Church. They shall recognise one another as equals in the traditions of the Orthodox church, and shall seek re-union, within a timeframe of their own choosing and construction.


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Holy Imperial Press Statement


It hardly needs to be said that the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium completely accepts the Treaty which has been drawn up by His Imperial Highness, Andronicus VII of the Grand Empire of Rhomanoi in conjunction with the Senate Foreign Affairs Consultative Committee of Rhomanoi.


We hope that this is the begining of a long and profitable relationship.

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Invitations to the Imperial Marriage


It is with great joy that the Imperial government of Rhomanoi formally releases the invitations to the marriage ceremony between our nation and Tagmatium. The following heads of state are formally invited:


Their Royal Highnesses the King and Queen of Adaptus

The Prime Minister of Upper Strathclyde

The Head of State of Scipii

The Head of State of Pirilao

The Head of State of Ide Jima

President Rekam of Rekamgil

His Imperial Highness Emperor Khan of Bhalman

His Highness the Prince of Akiiryu

Her Imperial Highness Orioni


All other heads of state who wish to attend may also do so, providing they formally inform either government of their intention to attend the ceremony. Heads of state are allowed to bring family members and the staff neccessary to allow them to continue their functions as heads of state.


We now formally request that the Imperial Government of Tagmatium publish a date for the wedding, in their own time and at their own discretion.


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