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Reorganise the Historical Board:

  • 20th century, up to 1975 or something like that
  • Medieval Period
  • 22nd century and beyond (if anyone is interested)
Space Initiative:
  • Perhaps move to the historical board?
  • Set up some basic regulations before you can launch your first mission. Stages, like research, testing, unmanned missions, manned mission, etc.
Other ideas are welcome, but please stay on topic. Too much diversions will be moderated.
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Top Posters In This Topic

What I did in RP tonight:

  • Prune all fora so links to moved threads were removed.
  • As suggested by Adaptus, the cut-off date for old topics was set to "30 days" instead of "since the beginning". Thinks look a lot cleaner now. Old threads are still available. You just have to change your own setting at the bottom of that page in an RP forum.
  • Created subfora for the historical board. This is VERY basic. Help and suggestions are more then welcome.
  • Created "Culture & Sports". It somehow seemed like we still needed that. (Less war, more leisure time!) Some topics will be moved here in due time.
  • Renamed "OOC Planning" to "OOC Planning & Discussion".
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  • Created "Culture & Sports". It somehow seemed like we still needed that. (Less war, more leisure time!) Some topics will be moved here in due time.

There's a thread of Anmalos somewhere, which was a cricket championship.


I think he used a cricket simulator or game on his PC to play out the matches.


EDIT: After a bit of confused searching, I then re-read O's post, so I now know why there's only a quarter of the old posts tongue.gif

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Adaptus and I agreed the RP forums would be cleaner that way. As said, you can still change the settings yourself.


Didn't have anymore time lastnight, but I will be searching for and moving the appropriate threads to that particular part of the RP forum. (If I'm not mistaken, we had a real soccer tournament years ago. It's in here somewhere... *starts gravedigging*)

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We need some type of Alliance Section for each Alliance, that way Charters, Polls and different Threads can be made, and one thread is not congested, and so confusing to hold votes and what not.

I agree with that. A separate section, for the various alliances and military agreements, as well as a place to put the OOC threads for each alliance. It would be easier to put the OOC threads there, rather than in this section, as it would allow easier discussion of issues OOC, and would mean no cluttering of the IC threads, as well as no frantic forum-searching to find the relevant OOC thread. If ya get me. Check out the LT thread, and you'll know what I mean wink.gif

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No, I think it should be left as it is, to be honest. I also think that the layout change has made a lot of things harder to find. I think the news sub-section should be on its own, rather than part of the political section.

I see. Well I just thought the RP section was getting a bit crowded, distracting attention from the other sections.


I guess I'll leave that part alone then.


frankenstein.gif *hungry*


Orioni need eat new posts!


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I think I'm going to create a special subforum in the military wing where people can store their army whatchacallit stuff, the number of people and divisions they have etc. It would work like a newsthread, with only one thread per member. After that, we would have to go through the RP forums to 'harvest' moveable stuff. (Which non-mod wants to lend a helping hand here, and make a little list with links?)

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The encyclopedia thing of Orioni got me thinking. Shouldn't we have one with unique words from the Europan nations? Things like key persones, special weapons, an important, battle, alliances,... I know Akiiryu alone could fill half of it up. yes.gif


Or do we already have one? I don't think so, no? Why don't we have one???


lay out suggestion: like they do on the NS forum: post 1: all starting with an A, post 2: all words starting with a B,... It will take some work in the beginning but after it should be relatively to mantain.

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