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After the military movements that had appeared in the EUROPE in the last days and after a meeting enter the Ministry of the Defense, the Army, the Navy and the Air Force of PIRILAO .

He was determined to place the nation in state of alert RED.

To prevent any type of hostility against our nation.

Being thus alone they are authorized to enter, to fly over our airspace or to sail in our waters our FRIENDS.



Our forces are ready for to go into operation in necessity case.




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DOR Foreign Secretary Statement


The government of Pirilao has taken the appropriate action. Likewise, the Dominion of Rekamgil's military forces, heretofore on high alert, have been stood-down. Our forces remain at medium alert. They will, however, remain so until some semblance of normalcy has been returned to the region; only then will they revert to stand-by status. At that point, the DOR's forces will conduct their first annual exercises on land: they will practice an opposed river crossing.

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Upper Strathyclyde's military had stood at alert for the longest time, at 3 Days, in its history of Existence. We are proud to announce that as of this morning, our forces stood down, and resumed normal duty shifts, rather than increased patrol and alert duties. Our forces have returned to thier families and recieved 1 week furlows. We are pleased to see this marked relaxation throughout the affected nations. We hope this will be a continued trend.

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