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Vocenae Imperial Space Agency

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The Vocenae Imperial Space Agency (V.I.S.A), has launched the first in a series of shuttle launches, with the end result of constructing the nation's first space station in Earth orbit. The Vocenae shuttle fleet, consisting of the Mira, the Valor, and the Illiad will be launching new components for the station into orbit until construction is completed within the next five to ten years.


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The space shuttle Mira launching with the first components for Vocenae's space station onboard.


V.I.S.A will also be focusing other projects in space during this time, namely the Chronos orbiter, which will be sent into orbit around the gas giant Saturn, and a unnamed solar observatory. These missions are still in the pre-development stages due to current economic and political climates.


OOC: Don't want to blow my entire budget on a space program cool.gif.

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