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Joe Bobs!

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Hi all. I'm Joe Bobs from Q102. I'm not an ambassador to here or anything, but I've heard quite a lot about this region and thought I should check it out. I know Tagmatium Rules from Q102 and I know Rhomanoi in RL.


So am I allowed to just hang around? I want touch nuthin'! biggrin.gif


(Hi Tag!)

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I'm not sure where Nev is. Some kind of RL pressure methinks. He's still your ambassador though. I'm just a tourist. He'll be back soon.


And thankyou everyone else for your warm welcomes. They are much appreciated. Especially you Rhomanoi, as I'm sat next to you. biggrin.gif


(And sorry I don't speak Portugese.)


And hey hey NC!

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Is that Ch? Guvara having a cigar? Does he realise it's going to be illegal to smoke in public places soon? He'd better put that damned cigar out! Seriously, how the hell are they going to inforce that?

With a ninja.gif in every pub?



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hehehe. I'm glad my thread was home to such a brilliant piece of emoticon art. Sorry I ain't been too active in your fine region. I've been pretty busy between Q102 and the GRA (which I'm ambassadr to). I promise to make more of an effort to grace your boards. biggrin.gif


And as for the goddam anti-smoking laws, pah! I figure we should go back to the old days. In small villages, instead of a pub, you'd just have someone's front room. Everyone would put together to buy beer and such, and you'd all go round for a drink, and a smoke! I propose going back to that. tongue.gif

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God damn, soon they'll ban drinking as well.


It really wasn't a smart move by the "Labour" (read "Conservative") government introducing 24 hour drinking in the hope Britain would magically transform its drinking habits from binge drinking to a more "European"-style of drinking.


Do they not know what country they live in?


I could also have a rant on the majority of the rest of the "Labour" government's policies, but I'll spare you lot that.

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I am a very busy little bee over there. I've just become leader of the opposition, I run the Q102 Awards, I'm an ambassador, a judge, and God knows what else. No rest for the wicked eh?


And Tag, sit down, breathe deeply, have a smoke. biggrin.gif


I suppose these experimental laws make for interesting viewing at least. If there's a mass-uprising or whatever it'll make good TV. And what's more important than that? tongue.gif


But I agree. For a supposedly 'liberal' government they like stamping on freedoms a lot. I want to slap them occasionally and remind them they are meant to be labour. I don't think they're bad men (and a few women) or anything, but they need to remember their roots. But then again, it's damned important to keep the Tories out, so a bit of pandering to their voters is necessary.

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I don't think there would be a mass uprising over not being allowed to smoke a cigarette.


You could see the rebels coming if they did, as there would be a pall of smoke over them, like a giant steam train. bandit.gif


Yeah, keep the Tories out by all means, but the process of doing this appears to be slowly transforming the Labour government into a ersatz-Conservative government, one which would make any proper socialist choke on their <insert drink of choice here>.


Although I'd have said there was a difference between "Liberal" and "Socialist", they do indeed appear to be more than happy to take away what freedoms we have in order to keep us healthy/protect us from terrorists/etc. I bet the various governments have been waiting for years for this whole "War on Terror" thing. It's a dream come true for any government, as it allows them to take away whatever freedom they want, in order to protect our freedoms!


Soon, they'll take away the right to vote, just in case the "wrong sort" get in power!

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You're damn right there! The kind of things conspiracists once talked about in hushed voices are reality now. The phone tapping in the US is like something from 1984. The world is a crazy place. If they get colonies on Mars in my lifetime, I'll take astronaut lessons and get my ass over there. Alternatively, I'll move to Micronesia. biggrin.gif


My main reason for keeping the Tories out is their anti-EU stance. What morons! Why the hell would you withdraw your country from the most successful economic relationship it's ever been involved in? The madmen!

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We have that in many Canadian cities... they rely on business owners to enforce it really... i.e. if the owner doesn't want to be fined, they will make their employees strictly enforce the law... if they don't, eventually they will get fined... again and again....

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Yeah me too! I once wanted to be a research journalist like Greg Palast and I started looking into Illuminati-esque things. Whilst I don't go with David Ike's lizard men stuff, I am of the belief that small groups of people are running...maybe not the world, but many governments and corporations. The main conspiracy I've researched though is 9/11, which I won't go into here. If you want to discuss such things on msn Tag then add me: joebirch5@hotmail.com

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