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Rupture PIRILAO and Xheng.

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Rupture of relations between PIRILAO and Xheng.


After, that it happened today, the world of the PIRILAO

Declares: that it cannot have any type relations with the nation The Arch-Imperium of the Xheng Dynasty.




I received this:


Personal Message

Xheng Neutrality or ally?, Feb 13 2006, 09:58 AM


Ally the Arch-Imperium in this war, and we shall continue to build you your freedom ship.


Do not ally us and we shall keep the money payments and NOT hand it over to you.




TO: Xheng



It has a thing that I do not accept (to blackmail)


From this moment our businesses are without effect.

Reason: I put no trust in you.


In relation to the war my nation is neutral.



The Reply of Xheng


Thank you for the 8 billion Euros smile.gif  We will funnel that to our armed forces.



AFTER THIS I TAKE A DECISION (Rupture of relations between PIRILAO and Xheng.)



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Do not force the Arch-Imperium to establish a nation wide boycott of all imported goods from your nation with further slander.


When the war is over we shall consider....CONSIDER...completing your vessel and handing it over to you.


Until them, the subject is closed. Confication is immediate.


you forgot this

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