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Nimarci Conference

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OOC: I asked Akiiryu, and he said it was okay to start....


Loyalist personnel were picked up on the designated carrier. The RAMP escorted them to Nimarci in relative comfort, and they were moved into the main grounds of the conference center that was setup. The Ambassador to the Sublime Principate greeted them and went with them. Various admirals and councilmen joined them, as well as specialists for the WMD portion of the talks.


The Nationalists had sent their officials as well, and they arrived early to the conference. Senators and generals walked in the processions, with other councilmen. they were to stay at opposite ends of the Convention Hotel, with members of RAMP making sure that nothing would happen between them....

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After an embarrasing incident over the wires about what the conference was actually about... The Dominion of Rekamgil dispatched its delegates (including the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs) to the Nimarci Conference. They arrived on time and took their seats.

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Representative Cogda, notorious for his rambling, drunk speeches on the floor of the Vanarambaion Parliament, whips off his shoe and bangs it hard on the table in front of him. This continues for several seconds before his fellow MPs can calm him down, but not before he tries to call the conference to order and orders several drinks from passing aides.

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Representative Cogda, notorious for his rambling, drunk speeches on the floor of the Vanarambaion Parliament, whips off his shoe and bangs it hard on the table in front of him. This continues for several seconds before his fellow MPs can calm him down, but not before he tries to call the conference to order and orders several drinks from passing aides.

ooc: OMG, the son of Kruschev and Yeltsin :x



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Several members of the Loyalists took their designated seats. With the Loyalists Councilmen and two new Senators were five admirals, who took their seats to the left. Since they were all veterans, they held the greater responsibilities of the Loyalists at the table.


OOC: They are: Grand Admiral Salani, Admiral of War Mahn, Admiral of Honor Jehretola, Fleet Admiral Grey, and Fleet Admiral Raider, 5 of the 7 members of the Deltan Admiralty Council (aka Deltan High Naval Council). Shya and Walt are not there.





Escorted in on the other side were the Nationalists, some of the old Senators and Councilmen, as well as various generals. They were placed directly opposite the Loyalist group as the tension mounted.

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The Baron T?Rothric walked into the council chamber flanked by N?Jorth and Thaneath. They were followed at a discreet distance by a number of aides. The baron stops and examines the delegates one by one, finally resting on Representative Cogda and the Vanarambion delegation. He nods respectfully to the head of the delegation and successfully hides to all but the most observant the amusement Cogda?s actions have given him.


He then turns and walks to the central podium. The room falls silent.


?Honoured delegates, I welcome you on behalf of the Prince and the Baronic Council to the Sublime Principate, and thank you for coming in such troubled times. Akiiryu, like many of your nations, is at war against an enemy that threatens the very stability of all of Europa with its aggressive expansionism and disregard for international law. That fact drives home the importance the issue that confronts this conference: the limitation of weapons of mass destruction.


T?Rothric stopped and looked around the room. The delegates looked at him expectantly, he was well known for his strong speeches. He smiled. They were in for shock.


?I have no need to explain to you why this issue is important to your governments and your nations, especially at this time. To do so would be a waste of time when more pressuring matters demand our attention. I will not waste time.?


T?Rothric eyes glided down to the opposing delegations of Deltannians, both of which had stopped looking at each other with hatred and were now looking at T?Rothric. His wolf like smile appeared again.


?I mean no disrespect to the delegations from Deltannian. The Sublime Principate believes resolving your civil war is an important issue. My government would not have invited you here, nor placed political pressure on you and your allies to commit to a cease fire if it did not. However, this conference was originally called to deal with the issue of WMD, not your civil crisis. As such we fear many delegates maybe unprepared to aid you. In light of this concern, as my government originally proposed, your negotiations will not be the focus of this conference, but rather run concurrently with it. All necessary facilities are prepared.?


T?Rothric looked round the room again and suppress a smile as Representative Cogda struggled to put his shoe back on his foot.


?Now call on the first delegate??


OOC: The First delegate will be (surprise, surprise) the person who posts first. FACG: The side conference is what your delegates agreed to so don?t be offended eh?


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Foreign Sectretary Aquilini rose to address the conference.


"My esteemed colleague is correct... he did not waste time." A faint murmer could be heard. The Secretary continued, "My government agrees with Baron T?Rothric in that WMD limitations must be the major concern of this conference, especially considering the most unpleasant atmosphere currently befouling our region. I do not wish to offend any of the belligerent nations who are currently engaging Xheng, as we are of the opinion that the Xheng Arch-Imperium acted aggressively and belligerently". He paused, took a sip of water, and continued, "But we do wish to reiterate our position that peace talks should begin as soon as possible; such a time cannot some soon enough."


To his left, the Secretary could see the nodding approval of his Upper Strathyclyian colleague. He continued, "However, to the matters currently before us... although we do believe that WMD limitations should be the focus of this conference, we immediately propose that a second conference, to be convened immediately following the current WMD limitation conference, be held to deal exclusively with the Deltannian civil crisis. We are of the opinion that this unfortunate civil war must receive the full attention that it warrants. We believe that peace must be obtained and that an agreement must be achieved before any delegates depart this beautiful city."


The Secretary drew in breath and turned to address more directly the rest of the delegates, but with an eye on his ally's delegate, "Does anyone second my motion?"

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Representative Lagh of Vanarambaion rose. Known for his few words on the turmoil-ridden floor of the Vanarambaion Parliament, he was however a very articulate man when he chose to pipe up.


"I must concur with the good Secretary on a few points, but would beg to differ with him in others. While we agree that peace talks are essential, we find it unnecessary to start the peace talk process when not a shot has been fired on the Xheng front to date. To begin negotiations would require an armistice, something Xheng has not yielded, and for them to do so would be to put the cart before the horse, as the saying apparently goes. War will be consummated shortly, and then peace negotiations may begin once an armistice has been offered and accepted.


However, this is not why we are here. We are here to discuss WMDs. While we believe this to be the primary focus of the conference, we are not averse to attending a second conference regarding the civil conflagration in Deltannia. Unfortunately, however, we have only been given permission to speak on the subject of WMDs. Any further discussions would involve the dispatch of additional negotiators from Thule, a process that would undoubtedly take a certain amount of time. Therefore we second the Rekamgil motion to conclude the conference discussing WMDs before beginning any discussion of the topic of the present or future of Deltannia."


Representative Lagh remained standing, as was customary in the Vanarambaion Parliamentary proceedings, until the vote was taken and the motion either adopted or denied.

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OOC: Yeah, Akiiryu, I have no problem with that. Besides, the war seems to be continuing anyway, so I'll just sit back and work on the WMD issue.


The admirals of the Loyalist party were taking various notes on the proceedings. They had also just been telegrammed that the fighting had started up, so they did not want to bring this issue into the Conference. If they could claim victory before then, there would be no need for the Nationalists' voices to be heard.

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Vice-Chancellor Philip Commenus, the head Tagmatine delegate, stood to add his thoughts on the WMDs situation. As he rose, he crumpled a small piece of paper into a ball behind his back, and dropped it to the floor.


?Honoured delegates and representatives of many esteemed nations with in Europa, the Greater Holy Empire is honoured to be playing a part in this momentous conference that will undoubtedly have a massive impact upon the future of our beloved region, and, God forbidding, any conflicts that may arise in times to come.


?But, I feel I must agree with the honoured representative from the Dominion of Rekamgil, Foreign Secretary Aquilini. The weapons of mass destruction situation, although a fairly urgent one, should now be put on the back burner, so to speak. This conference was originally called to deal with a nation called Gomaria, as it was selling chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. After international cries of protests, Gomaria stopped the sale of these weapons. But Gomaria has ceased to be a player in Europan politics, and there are no nations comparable to the series of rogue nations that have arisen and fallen in the region recently. The nations that possess such weapons represented here today, although Tagmatium may like to say so on occasions, do not, by any stretch of the imagination, fall into the category of 'rogue nation'.


?I therefore must ask that the conference turn its attention to the situation in the north of Europa, in Deltannia and on the borders of the Greater Holy Empire. As stipulated by both the Deltannian factions appearing at this conference, both sides had to be at peace to take part in this conference. However, I have just received news from Tagmatica. ? Commenus could feel the eyes of the Loyalist Admirals boring into him, but he didn?t look to return the gaze, but continued to look around the various delegates from the other nations.


"For the past few days, fighting has once again broken out in Deltannia. The Government of Deltannia, we are sad to say, broke the cease-fire first, therefore undermining their promises and Tagmatium's word of honour. The rebel faction is fighting back, and Deltannia is on the brink of collapse, with only the Tagmatine military cordon propping the Government up. It is in the interests of the rebels not to bring the restarting of violence up at this conference, in the hope that by the time we get around to discussing it, the rightful Government will have collapsed and they can claim victory.


We must consider the situation before the actions of these two factions render any discussion impotent and useless. We must not get bogged down in talk, and we must find a resolution to this conflict in the north. It must supplant the WMD part of the talks. I ask the esteemed Vanarambaion candidates to get in contact with Thule and take the necessary actions so that they can take part in any talks on Deltannia, before this is rendered pointless by treacherous actions by both of the Deltannian factions in this conflict.?

Edited by Tagmatium Rules (see edit history)
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As the Tagamtine delegate sat down an aide hand T'Rothric a note which he read immediately. He looked directly at the still standing Representative Lagh, and then, with obvious anger, at the Loyalist Deltannians. The he stood up.


"I hope my honoured friend Representative Lagh of Vanarambion and Foreign Sectretary Aquilini of Rekamgil will forgive me, but Vice-Chancellor Commenus is right, hostilities have broken out again in Deltannia and as such we must, for the moment suspend the debate."


T'Rothric looked at the two Deltannian factions with unmasked disgust.


"Do you take the governments of the nations gathered here for fools? Did you think you could hide such a dishonourable act from this conference? Does a flag of truce mean nothing to you? What about the word of your allies, which you have besmerched so blatantly? The Sublime Principate demands an immediate end to hostilities! Failure to comply within will result in an explusion of both delegations from this conference."


What T'Rothric didn't say was after their explusion both delagtions would be held by the Akiiryan government as "guests" until it was safe enough for them to return to Deltannia. Of course, when it was safe enough for them to return would be entirely up to the discretion of the Baronic Council. Breaking one's word was taken very seriously in Akiiryu.

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As Representative Lagh was rising again, his face red with anger and eyes on the Nationalist delegation, the door to the conference room swung open. Striding in, in full military regalia stood Li'akan, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Vanarambaion. Seeing the Minister walk in, the two other Representatives stood in repect. Noticing something, Lagh said, "Congratulations on your promotion, Field Marshall. The other Representatives mumbled their agreement.


Turning to T'Rothric, Li'akan bowed deeply. "Greetings, brother. It seems we meet again over another crisis. We should really try to get together when the world isn't falling apart." Turning to the conference, he strided over the take a seat near the Vanarambaion delegation.


(OOC note: Li'akan is only called in to deal with special international emergencies. He's the Emperor's personal hatchetman, so he's usually kept at home to deal with Vanarambaion from the home front. The fact that he's here makes it clear that Vanarambaion is either very interested in WMD proliferation, or someone pissed on our parade and the Emperor wants answers. Although young, he's the commander of the Shadowcorps, the special forces with the most RP combat experience in Europa (I'm pretty sure). Tag probably isn't fond of his command of the Plot 21 incident. wink.gif )

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Andrew Wilson, and several of his company managers, began to mutter to one another. After a short discussion, he stood up, and began his speech. As the only Non-world leaders present, he thought it not in his best interests to be certius to the fellow delegates.


"Well, now that the Deltannians are seen to, I say we leave them to burn, and sort them selves out. Hey it doesn?t bother me, if not; it makes me happier, as does every other war in Europa. I own probably the largest arms manufacturing business in Northern Europa, if not the whole of Europa. All that this and every other conflict in this godforsaken region does is boosting my ever growing Net Profit Margin. So as long as these political nut jobs keep killing each other they will come to me for weapons and arms. My god I love Capitalism."


After listening to Wilsons constant babbling, Prime Minister Ramsey was growing forever angered, and final arose.


"Mr Wilson, I did not bring you here to banter on about your Net profit Margin. I brought you here to have a say in what could very much crush your business and our economy. So please, sit down." He then turned to the rest of the conference, and bowed to them, then continued speaking. "I am terribly sorry for this, Mr Wilson does not speak for the People's Federation, we are here to put an end to these troubled times, please let us continue."


Field Marshal Marx, another member of the Adapton delegation, then turned to Ramsey. "Nice cover sir."


"I can only hope so."

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OOC: Ouch.


Grand Admiral Salani stood to meet the multiple attacks on his front, especially since they were about to be escorted from the premises.


"Gentlemen of this Conference, I ask you to remain civilized. This Conference was called so that we may debate these matters, and Deltannia agreed to this even though it would probably result in the split of Deltannia.


"While the delegates from the Nationalist Party may or may not state something different from the facts of the situation, our reports have shown that our forces did not start the fighting that now consumes Deltannia. Satellite imagery has shown both lines moving towards each other after some structure exploded.


"To the delegates which have so offensively attacked our persons without full knowledge of the situation, we would have them speak the truth! Liars you have called us, and dishonorable! Why does not one delegate of this Coneference speak against the Nationalists!" he said, now pointing across the room.


"To the Tagmatine delegates, we would ask that you speak the the truth, or not to speak at all. To the Akiiryan delegates, the hosts of this Conference, we would ask of you to keep your neutral cause and support the continuance of the talks. Deltannia has nothing to hide from Europa. Perhaps if any of our command personnel were not at sea, incapacitated, or at this Conference, then maybe the cease-fire would still be in effect! And perhaps if we were able to send messages outside of this Conference to our Commands, then perhaps the cease-fire would still be in effect!


"But if still after this, you still wish to expel us from this Coneference, then we will see what the civilized people of this world have come to."




One of the Senators was about to stand up in response, but one of the others kept him down. "There is no need to defend ourselves. This Conference has already done that for us."

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Field Marshall Li'akan sprang to his feet, an aide still whispering in his ear the details of the conference so far.


"He speaks the truth. Both sides have been hampered, and both sides are at fault here. As are their allies." With this, he looked directly at the Tagmantine delegation. "Gentlemen, sit. There is no need to yell and accuse. If what we really want here is peace, then let us make peace. If what we want is war, then let's get back in our bunkers until we can see things more clearly."


With that, Li'akan finally looked away from the Tagmantine delegation, nodded to T'Rothric, the leader of the conference, and seated himself, as if to show the conference what he meant by sitting.

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The Vice-Chancellor of Tagmatium once again rose to his feet to speak.


?To the honoured delegates from Vanarambaion, I have neither raised my voice, nor have I accused anyone of anything that could not be proved by an aerial photograph of northern Tagmatium and Deltannia. If you could take time to study any such photographs of recent events, you would notice that the cease-fire is still intact ? but only just. Who knows how long it will last? That?s why I will repeat my calls for this conference to turn to the discussion of a lasting peace in Deltannia, whether one side or another rules, or even partion.


?In my statement I have supported neither Deltannian side, but condemned both. When I say that it was in the interests of the Loyalist delegation not to alert the rest of the nations represented here to the out-break of violence, I speak the truth. The Loyalists would have received notification of any actions of their forces from their superiors sooner than anyone else, and it would have been better for them not to mention it, as the advance of the Loyalists has brought the Nationalists to the brink of collapse. Silence would have been Loyalist Deltannia?s best weapon against the Nationalist regime.


?And if the esteemed Field Marshall Li?akan, after his rather dramatic entry into this conference, would care to look at the facts of the situation, he would see that Tagmatium is actually endeavouring towards peace, rather than moving towards war. War is not in the interest of any person sat here today. So, if you would kindly refrain from any comments that could be construed as provocation??


Tag probably isn't fond of his command of the Plot 21 incident.

Yeah, I wish I had called your bluff wink.gif

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T'Rothric again rose, and over a low bow to Field Marshall Li?akan.


"Welcome my friend, it is good to see you again. I too wish the circumstance were different."


He then turn to the other delegates, and looked specifically at the Deltannian delegations. His face as grim and his words cold.


"Do not blame this conference or the esteemed nations attending for both your factions breech of the cease fire. All delegates, as diplomatic dictates demand, are able to send messages out of the Sublime Principate. If your nations truly want peace then do so now and reinforce the ceasefire. You have 24 hours."


He looked at the other delegates.


"I believe we have motions to discuss."

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Li'akan rose again. "I am confused by what my Tagmatine friends seem to think it a personal attack. If everyone could review my words, it is clear they are directed at the entire conference here, not at one specific power." With a twinkle in his eye, he continued.


"In any case, I believe my Adaptan colleagues, though rather ignobly, have stated the situation the best. The powers of Europa have too long sat and held the hand of the Deltannian factions. It's time they dealt with their own situation. What we have been called here to discuss is of far more wide-ranging importance than the simple peace of a nation embroiled in an internal conflict. We are here to discuss WMDs, and that topic cannot wait until another rogue state emerges onto the international scene. We must act now."

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"To our Akiiryan hosts, since we are allowed this, and as of yet we have been unable to leave this Conference, we will have our two fleet admirals to contact their respective troops to enforce the cease-fire. Unlike what the Tagmatine delegates would suggest, we have not been given a chance to send any communications out of the Conference because we have all been sitting here, and with communications networks failing all over our ruined nation, we have only just heard of what has happened nearly as soon as the delegates here did. We will of course swend the messages immediately."




Fleet Admirals Raider and Grey stood up and walked out. Of course, several monitors were there to make sure that they were doing their duty, although they realized that they could not do otherwise. They had sent it, and returned in.


"The communication has been sent, and we expect the cease-fire to uphold as long as it can be delivered to all of our forces. But they will defend themselves as long as the Nationalists continue."


One of the Senators across the room stood up, and only said "Deltannian communications have not been 'failing' as much as these rebels would have you believe. The communications have already been sent."


OOC: I'll make the communication in the Civil War thread.

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Foreign Secretary Aquilini rose finally, after having listened in silence to the dramatic proceedings.


"We are pleased, very pleased to hear that the cease fire order has been dispatched. We applaude the honoured Akiiryan delegate's demand that such communications be sent post haste. I have just received word that the Commonwealth of Independent States has approved and is currently sending relief and medical teams to the war zone. We sincerely hope they will be accepted in the spirit with which they are sent... peace! The CIS is willing to offer any and all assistance necessary to bring peace. Now that a cease-fire order has been dispatched, this government, for one, will be willing to immediately dispatch a peacekeeping contingent to the area while peace negotiations proceed in the hope that further ruin can be forestalled. This will only require ratification in the CIS governing council which, I am quite confident, will be forthcoming wthout delay. We want peace above all else and hope that our international reputation - which we trust all nations here will attest to - for neutrality and respect of all nations will be guarantee enough that any assistancee we send will be sent ONLY to ensure a lasting peace and an end to human suffering." He paused, sipped his water and concluded, "now, let's cool down. We CAN sort this out. Let's stop hurling accusations - I say this to no one in particular - and get down to business. We must resolve this before anyone of us leave this city."

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