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Introducing the 2006 Tigstang SBB1

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Introducing the all new 2006 Tigstang SBB1


The Tigstand isn't just about economy though it gets 35mpg. It isn't just about family though it comes with the newest industry standard safety features such as stop foam and 5 point seat belts. And it isn't just about technology though it comes with the latest Satellite Navigation systems and on board climate/entertainment computers.


The 2006 Tigstang is about Muscle.


The Tigstang SBB1 (Stripe Bouncy Boingy Mach 1) can do 0-70mph in 6 seconds flat and comes complete with the world's first LPG/Hybrid/Petrol 4v inline V8. With a 351ci 5.7litre engine, the Tigstang SBB1 has over 335bhp on demand.


It comes in Orange and Black beauty....available soon at a TG Woods Dealer near you...


user posted image


tm Tigstang SBB1 and Tigstand are brands wholly owned by Woods Automotive.

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