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New Alliance

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The government of the Dominion of Rekamgil affirms the recent announcement by the Minister of Foreign Affairs representing the United Socialist States of Kal E Fornia. The Dominion of Rekamgil takes this opportunity to thank the Kal E Fornian Minister for his swift and right-minded consumation of our agreement which will be of great benefit to both our nations.


Dominion of Rekamgil Foreign Secretary

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To: Rekamgil and KEF

From: Emakera


"Have faith, because flowers grow even in trash yards"... i?m happy to see two nations making the flower of peace and friendship grow in such sad times, filled of war and selfishness... my sincere votes of sucess for both of your nations!



Ditador Richard Haller

Rep?blica Popular de Emakera

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The Dominion of Rekamgil gratefully acknowledges Chairman Ryth's declaration of support. We do not, however, agree that Europa is a trash yard... if indeed that was the illustrious chairman's suggestion. We have faith in Europa's future and wish the best for all our neighbours, even in this time of turmoil. Nevertheless, we welcome the government of Emakera's best wishes and wish them peace and prosperity in the furture as well.


DOR Foreign Secretary

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