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New to Nationstates and Europa

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This is the Dominion of Rekamgil here. I'm new to both the game and the region, so I might look for some direction. For example, how my actions on the forums are reflected in my national profile and vice versa... But I look forward to "interacting" with everyone! For instance, how do my internal politics affect my ability to trade and make war (not that I'm intending to everyone... please... I am peaceful... honestly)?


Thank You

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Thanks for the welcome. I'm wondering where I might make a public "in character" announcement of my arrival...


I'm immediately interested in allying myself with certain nations. I've been reading the military forum and would prefer to let Europa know that, while ours is a young nation, and is but weak, we are interested in the peaceful resolution of international disputes. It should be noted that, while the Dominion of Rekamgil (DOK) enjoys a safe and placid existence, we do exercise compulsory military service for our young men and women. We are not isolationist and intend to make our opinions known. We are currently concerned about Akiiryu and Taginum's "just war" against Xheng and would like to make our voices heard... We are, at this time, willing only to endorse the recent neutrality statement by the government of the Swedish Commonwealth of Upper Strathyclyde.

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Hi there, and welcome.


I guess it's safe to say your actions on this board will not affect your nation in NationStates directly, but the way you form your nation (dictatorship or utopia for example) could affect the way you role-play here. Also, if your nation has joined the United Nations, it could serve our regional army by participating in defender missions. Those are some of the many ways in which you can combine NationStates as a game with this forum. If you'd like to learn more about the game, I suggest clicking to the ministry of internal affairs and following the link to the NationStates Wikipedia. wink.gif

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