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Farewell Europa you all have been good to me. I appreciate all of your support,kindness,compassion to me and I hope for others you do the same.

So lets get the champ.gif and for others beer betm13.gif and remember this. As my final wish however I would like this thread open for 1 week anyone and everyone can post what they like and then please erase this thread forever.





pinkelephant23.gifpinkelephant23.gifpinkelephant23.gifpinkelephant23.gifpinkelephant23.gifpinkelephant23.gifpinkelephant23.gifpinkelephant23.gifpinkelephant23.gifpinkelephant23.gif :

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Well, you've done it. So if someone were to figure it out, they'd get to Europa whether you left or not. So I see no reason for leaving. It's been done, whatever happens will happen. You leaving won't change an invasion. In fact, the ebst thing you can do is stay in case there IS an invasion. One more nation always counts.

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Fine I guess it is just someone got to me who sent me a telegram on nationstates and was saying some things that kinda hurt. Alright I suppose I will just go on and stay here.

Err... that may have been me sorry1.gif


You all know how tactless I can be sometimes winkwinkknowwhatimean.gif


Everythings cool now, I think confused.gif

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