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Dear Presidents af all the countries:


I share with you the whole text of our sacred text in we trust. It is an ancient coptic text that contains excerpts to Mark gospel.


We wait your commentaries:


- - - - - o o o o o - - - - -


Book that contains the words said by the Master, referred to the Lion, which other authors omitted for not to understand them, and that are only knowed by called ?belzonites?, it is said, followers of Lion.


When John the Baptist went to desert, it was already written: ?The Lion roars, who will not prophecy??.


And when John the Baptist met the Master, said: ?This is God?s Lamb, but the Lion is his bodykeeper?.


And the Master said too: ?The Saturday belongs to God, and the Sunday belongs to me, but who wait in the Lion, will wait on Thursday, because when the noon sun is arisen, there is no shadows on land, and injustice and her executors have not place where hid themselves, so the Lion behold thus his preys in the desert?.


And to Peter?s mother in law, he said: ?Bless you are, because fever hot and sun light reveal you the Lion, but it is not time now to meditate in it?.


And to the leper, before healing him, he said: ?I don?t want to heal you, because you have a social leper in the eyes of which called themselves clean, don?t go with that people, you could be cleaned too, because one day the Lion will eat that clean and wash his puppies.?


And to the scribes he said in this way: ? Foolish, don?t you know the Lion is arisen! And he has to come for you, the clean and just ones, and there is a God as you will be cleaned, because the Lion will leave your bones brilliant after celebrating his justice banquet?.


And he said to them too: ?You are not the owners of human heart and you do value judges, sentences and dogms about it, you have reason, the Saturday belongs to God, and the Sunday belongs to me, but Thursday belongs to the Lion, although you don?t know the exact day he will came for you. The day in which the Lion?s hungry and the Thursday meet, that day your bread will be nothing?.


And he said to Andrew: ?During a long time, in a country strange for you, your enemies and the injustice have prevealed against you, but you had a vision in which a Lion, in the heaven, manifested himself glorious in front of a king who played a song.?


So he said to him too: ?All the injustice you have suffered came from God, because if a kingdom is divided, that kingdom cannot survive, if a house is dividided against herself, that house cannot survive. And How can God, which you have trusted all your life in, give the reason to you as well as them, who condemn you? That is the Lion?s teaching: Look for your own justice, because nobody is going it from heaven, only you can execute your sentence. So the King surprised at seeing the Lion, because he had thus understood, so he reigned, because he was owner of himself, so he rested, because nobody says to him what he has to do. That is the Lion?s teaching: There is no God, nor dominion, nor authority, nor sentence outside of you, so the Lion erases his footprints with his tail, because this secret is intolerable for those who judges you."


And Master said other time: ?There is nothing hidden that isn?t manifested, nothing happens in secret that isn?t known, and I don?t say this for you, but for the just ones, because their dirty clothes will be manifested for their false justice to fall?.


And he said to the woman he had healed: ?You have known to follow the Lion footprints before he erases them with his tail, go in peace and be healed off your illness, because never more you will return to loose any blood by others judgement, because you have known the Lion justice?.


And, angry, he said at his home; ?A prophet, only in his land, between his relatives and in his home lacks of prestige, the same as Lion, when he is fed, sleeping in his tree, does not cause fear to anybody, but worst is when the Lion awake in his own territory of hunting! I assure you that there is no place to hide?.


The Master said: ?When you go to a house that it is not yours, do as you see to the owners, but if you are at your own home and somebody criticises you, then allow them to go out of your home, because until the dust of your house will speak against them when the Lion does his own cleaning.?


And to the pharisees he said: ?You play with God in order to sustain your traditions, but you cannot dominate the Lion, because he is the justice, and if God can be injust, the Lion is over him, the Lion does not matter it, and with that Lion you cannot do anything?.


And when he was asked for a sign, angry, he said: ?And I say to you, any sign will not be given to this generation, because they saw the Lion at Heaven and nobody surprises in him, so they will not reign, nor rest, only who sings in front of this prodigy?.


And to his followers the Master said: ?Because if God himself practices justice, it is because he cannot disobey the Lion, so, nobody can order you about the bad or good things you have to do, don?t you understand it? You are the Lion of yourselves! That nobody changes this truth form your minds.?


In another ocasi?n Andrew said to him: ?I do not know who are you, but I have seen the Lion and I go behind his footprints?.


And when his death was near, he said: ?I will be given in men?s hands, and they will kill me, and after three days I will arise again, meanwhile those days the Lion will be awoken too, because although I arise, the will continue playing with my words, but the Lion can destroy until those I cannot.?


And Master said too this secrets words: ?How difficult is the just ones of this world lie to the Lion! It is easier than a cock song causes fear to him?.


And when he was angry with the Temple sellers he spoke in this form: ?It is not written: my house will be house of praying? But you have converted it in cave of thieves, so you will have your own end, because too in a cave the lions live!?.


And about Jonh?s baptism he said that was a baptism in Lion, because both of them live at desert and have tested the justice honey, because other were baptized in water and that does not impede to them to continue criticising their brothers."


And about the scribes and pharisees the Master said: ?Don?t go with them, because one day they will be the principal dish in the Lion?s banquet?.


Another day the Master saw to a widow throwing two little coins in the Temple Treasure and said: ?I say you that woman is idiot, because she sustaines with her money to those who marginalize her, so she has converted herself in lion?s prey.?


And the Master had words too for the sheperds: ?One will be arisen who is over the sheperds, the Lion, and then the sheperds cannot do anything against you, so you look after yourselves, and look for your own justice, because justice will not be given to you from That who gives his son?.


And the Master, about the end, prophetized: ?In those days, the sun will be stopped at heaven, and there will not be shadows on land, so the just ones will be hidden in their own light, but the false just and satisfied ones will do shadows, making themselves preys of Lion?.


We confess the vineard fruit is the blood of our Master, but we know that in the Kingdom of God he will mixture the wine with the honey that looses the Lion after his banquet.


And when the betrayer kissed him he said: ?You kiss me because is the given sign, but there will be who kiss his brother in the liturgical assemblies and his kiss will be more false than yours?.


And when Peter cut Malco?s ear the Master said: ?It is well cut that ear because the smell of that blood is now arising the Lion?


Finally, when women went to the tomb, a young man, dressed in white, said to them: ?Don?t be afraid, you are looking for Jesus, the Nazarene, the crucified; he is arisen, but he is not here as you can see. Only the satisfied ones will die, so the Lion is arisen too, eating his honey.?



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What I meant was that, in the General forums, it's all about Out Of Character (OOC) topics, ie talking to the people behind the various nations, not the actual nations themselves. The General forum is for Real Life discussions, for example, the current situation in the Middle East over those cartoons (although we haven't a thread on that), people's opinions on various topics or nice things that have recently happened and you wish to share with this online community that you are now, sort of, a part of.


By Roleplay (or RP), I mean the happenings between your NationState and others, such as signing a treaty with another nation, or goings-on inside your nation, such as an election or an outbreak of a riot. This is all essentially imaginary, and does take place on the Role-Play Department. I must also say that a lot of people roleplay as nations that bear no relation to their Real-Life personality. For example, my nation is a nation based on the Byzantine Empire, and I'm not an Orthodox Christian or from Greece, nor would I necessarily act how my nation acts in Real Life.


If this is indeed a Roleplay topic, about your nation and its faith, this topic needs to be moved to the Roleplay forum.


If, on the other hand, you're are talking about your OOC/Real Life faith, I apologise.

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