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Tuesday Frebruary 7th, 2006



star.gifThe United Empire Comes Into Being with the Unification of The Houses Lengad?c and Rossell?


The Monarchs from both countries of Languedoc and Rousillion have been united by holy matrimony, uniting their small monarchies into a Dual Monarchy and making The United Empire of Languedoc and Rousillion.


Central Power will be given to the Chairmen of Parliament, Jacques Augustus, who will lead Parliament into the decision making and laws. The only power given to the Emperor/Empress is lawmaking concerning the Unity of The Empire.


The Coronation Celebration for our new Emporer and Empress is set to be on Friday, the 10th. All Heads of States from nations across Europa and invited to the celebration, if they wish to come.




star.gif Montpellier established as Official Capital of The United Empire

star.gif Parliament to meet for first time concerning the UELR's Defence Spending, and other Priorities.

Edited by Languedoc-Roussillon (see edit history)
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