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ok i gotta say i think i owe everyone an apology. i sorta over reacted when the whole american bashing site addy poped up. i aimed most of my anger towards the poster instead of the person who made the site and that was wrong. i said some mean things to Orioni and owe her/him an apology as well. im sorta like a big mean dog in a messed up yard, even tho the yards a mess and should be cleaned up, i'll still bite the mailman for talking tash about it when he walks by. (im high and that probably makes no sence to anyone but me but bear with me)


i like everyone here and consider you friends, even you orioni. i just ask we keep ethnic, relegious, racial or any other touchy subjects to a minimal. in my old board we had a flame room where you could talk about these things you just had to realize that whatever was said in the flame room stayed in the flame room.


with all that said, unless someone objects, i would like my modstatus back please.




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