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Civilization 4

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We'll I played Civ I for a long time, and Civ III for a while. I always had a lot of workers doing automated jobs, so my economy always boomed. I didn't care much for the militaristic part of the game, because I always seemed to be invaded from all sides, and my workers would get killed after my defences were breached.


I like the game and it's wide range of personalisation, but the turn-based way it works can really get on my nerves. That's probably why I haven't played it in a while, and prefer it over Age of Empires (I or II; have demo of III).

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salute.gif Yes! I am a big fan of CIV, all 1 to 4. Really like the movie clips on Hist./Tech. milestones in CIV-1and2. There are several improvements in CIV-2,3,4...however, I really expect more than that... dry.gif The CIV-4 has a close up view on the map, but I missed the city view in the older versions...


002.gif I really would like Sid Meiers's more effort on; tech to speed up the turns/ more of diplomatic tricks / field battle option.

biggrin.gif Strategically, I develop militaristic, though collects wealth... Often, I juggle research among my cities to beat out other civilizations'. Amazing but I would put the priority in guarding soldiers to creating workers, and found my cities grow despite a few workers (I don't need many workers once I'am in reilroad age). sad.gif I never use cheat, so could never play hard levels like King or Emperor.


laugh.gif There are other strategy games I also enjoy ; Imperial Glory, Patrician-III, AOE-I,II , and of course the series of Total War; Rome-Barbarian/Shogun-Khan.


Anyone playing Cossacks-2 ?? I never played any of the series and find it difficult... Anyone can help? or anyone know some good forums on it?? huh.gif

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No, you can't play the Celts. That was possible in Civ3-Conquest, but not this time.


BUT: If you're good at XML, you can create a mod to integrate the Celts into Civ4. In this Civ you can mod more or less everything. How much you can mod depends on your skills in some languages (like XML).


Well, my Civ-strategies are less militaristic than Kokus', but when I have a less developed country nearby, I try to conquer it - and I try the "Russian tactic" with invaders - fight them back und invade their own country. Defeat the enemy on his own ground.


I haven't settled in with Civ4, but I hope I'll do soon.

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