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Alliance Systems

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In Europa's RP section, we have about 10 active RPers. Of these, we are divided into three all powerful and dominating alliance systems - meaning that it's like RPing with three big nations. Get rid of massive alliance systems, and let nations think for themselves, and declare war betweem themselves without the promise of an international nuke fest.


Doing this might get much more political variation, at the moment we are a collection of sensitive monarchies that fuss at the drop of a hat, which is something we could do without, I'd even be prepared to 'go bad' whatever it takes.


Just look at other RP forums, and you will see that War RPs, are more common. I've been here for nearly a year and I havn't seen one MT (or realistic) war!


In disintegrating The Alliance, The LT and the Coalition we have 10 seperately thinking entities within the nation, which I think we can all agree, is a starting point. People can now do things without being threatened by somebody elses alliance.

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I agree, make love, not war! Alliance systems and militarization both are the main causes of war, for reference, see WWI.


I realize that I am the one who is most likley to start selling weapons in the first place, (My nation somewhat specializes in weapons manufacturing) but thats not the point. the point is; I don't want to read about a million pretend wars, when there are enough real ones to go around.

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Actually, I make it a point to enter no military alliance, or anything binding except for general trade "agreements". General, I just go with what I feel is right.


But, if these people are in these alliances, then I don't think you can change it. This is a part of diplomacy, to make it MORE realistic, I don't think you should change it.


Well, the Alliance Systems could lead to our own World War I....

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I'm no longer in the League.


And I think there are more RPers than ten.

Perhaps, but the fact of the matter remains that this region's RP could stand to gain so much more if each nation could think for itself rather than follow allies blindly.

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While a noble notion, in some cases this will make almost no difference. Case in point - Akiiryu and Vanarambaion. The likelihood of them coming down on opposite sides of any issue is virtually nil, as they've agreed on every major issue since their inception. The Alliance was set up to reflect that, so everyone's not surprised when this happens. I don't think we should do away with the alliance system in this kind of OOC manner. If we're going to, there has to be a situation where being in an alliance is decidedly against the best interests of a collection of nations.

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That's the biggest problem. The Alliance was once the only active collection of nations and their power lay in their same opnions. Problem was that those nations were one of the strongest and most militairiezed in Europa. LT was formed as a counter-weight for them.


Personally I'm for this dismissing of alliances, because I no longer put as much time in LT as I once did and many issues just keep laying on the table. To many different opnions, I'm afraid. But I'm very sceptic that the Alliance, even if dismissed, would still in effect live on and destroy the balance.


Aw hell, come on, we've been looking at each other belly buttons for too many months now, if we want this alliance system to end let's do it in a blaze of glory. Let's have war.

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