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Gomaria = Deutschland

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Just a question, is it the password of your nation that you lost, or the password to your account?


If it's your account, then there isn't any problem, I can give you a new password if needed. BTW, transferring post-status data from one account to another isn't possible, but I can rename accounts, which gives the same result.


If it's your NS account. If you did supplied an e-mail address for your nation, you can get a new password mailed to you here. Fill in your nation's name, and the e-mail adress from the settings area. Be sure you fill in the right adress. I see you've used 2 different e-mail adresses on this forum, maybe you used the old one.

Hopefully you filled in an e-mailadress in the settings area... Otherwise there's nothing more you can do but trying to remember you password, I'm afraid.

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ok... smile.gif

OK?? What do you mean? unsure.gif


- It's your forum account, and it's OK for me to give you another password

- OK, it's the password of your nation you lost, and you're trying to get it back now using the explanation I gave..

- Or OK, you found your password back and the matter is solved

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Well, since you will be using your Deutschland-account from now on, I suggest we do the following:

  1. Rename your 'Gomaria'-account to Deutschland, so you can have all your old posts back.
  2. Disable your current, new account.
Btw: what's the real name of the nation you're using now?
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