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Tamurin First Civil War OOC Thread

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Hey, guys.


Allright, I've kept you waiting long enough. Here it is.


First, the map of the old Tamurin:


user posted image


If you change anything, please keep it as a GIF-File. It's easier to change.



Now, the setting: (take your time to read)



Main actors:

Imperial Tamurin (Government)

Republican Rebels

Foreign powers, like

- Orioni

- Byzantinum Nova

- Niederoesterreich

- And several others.




The Empire of Tamurin, ruled by the League of the Lords, was founded in 1871 after several centuries of division. In that time, many tamurinian nations struggled for supremecy in the Tamurin lands. In 1871, the most powerful Lord, George Menelassar, united Tamurin, by force and by politics. He founded the ?League of the Lords?, which was mostly called ?Imperial League?. The League was the upper house of the parliament, while the lower house was democratically elected. Actions of the lower house could be overruled by the upper house, which happened very often.


Emperor Menelassar I. died in 1888. His rule was harsh and strong, and he made a powerful militaristic nation out of Tamurin. His son, James Menelassar II., was more liberal and he supported the lower house, especially the republican party. He created the position of prime-minister, who led the government (before that, the Emperor did that himself; he now only controlled the prime-minister, made the foreign policy and controlled the armed forces).


Emperor Menelassar II. resigned in 1896. He was under very hard pressure by the League to stop the democratic improvements and to return to the imperial system. When he refused, they ended their support for him. After one month of political crisis, he resigned and his brother, an imperial hardliner, Jacob Menelassar III., became emperor.


Menelassar II. left the the upper house and joined the republican party. He became a great leader of them, while his brother tried to undo the democratic changes. He used methods of totalitarian systems which caused widespread opposition, even in the ranks of the Lords and the armed forces.


Status at the beginning:


A quasi-totalitarian system is oppressing the people. Secret police, armed forces and nobles are everywhere and spying on everyone.

The republican opposition gathers its forces in the parliament, in the ranks of the armed forces, the nobles and in the underground.


The war will begin with executions of republican leaders. After that, an uprising will begin. Full-scale war will need some time?


Status at the end:


The republicans win the war, the imperial leaders are arrested or shot.


Available military technology at the beginning:




One-shot rifles (similar weapons: Springfield-Carabine Model 1873, 11.4 mm, USA; Sharps-Carabine Model 1855, 14.7 mm, USA)

Multi-shot carabines (SMLE, 10 rounds, cal .303, 1902, UK; Mauser Gewehr 98, 5 rounds, 7.92 mm, 1898, Germany; US Springfield Model 1903, 5 rounds, 7.62 mm, USA)

Rifles (Winchester Model 1873, cal 44, USA)

Revolvers (Colt New Service M 1917, 6 rounds, cal .45 ACP, USA; Webley revolver Mk VI, 6 rounds, cal .455, UK)

First-generation pistols with magazines (Parabellum ?Luger? 08, 8 rounds, 7.65 mm, Germany; Colt M 1911 A1, cal .45 ACP, USA)

First-generation machine guns (Hotchkiss Model 1914, 8 mm, 40 kg, 600 rounds/min, France; Maxim MG 08, 7.92 mm, 32 kg, 450 rounds/min, Germany)

Simple hand grenades

Artillery, towed

Cavalry ? used like tanks today, break through the lines and chase the enemy


Conditions: The defense technology (machine guns) is much stronger than the attack technology (cavalry or infantry without fast-shooting weapons). Cavalry will proove useless, infantry attacks will proove very bloody. Tanks are needed, but are not available.


Logistics is heavily dependend on trains and horses. Motorized vehicles are rare.




First-generation heavy battleships (like the british ?Dreadnought?), otherwise cruisers, destroyers, light battlecruisers


Conditions: Big battles are fought by big ships. The outcome of a battle depends on things like ?range of the guns?, ?precision of the shooting?, ?leadership ability of the commander?. Technological weapons like subs, mines and torpedoes do not exist yet.


Air Force:


First-generation reconnaissance aircraft, unarmed (biplanes)



Conditions: There?s not much to do for the Air Force than fly recon missions. Anti-air defense is made by standard infantry with carabines.


Military technology obtainable during the civil war:




Better rifles: improved carabines and machine guns. No machine pistols or assault rifles. No tanks. Cavalry will be phased out. Artillery will improve. More motorization during the war.




Better battleships. First-generation submarines. First-generation torpedoes.


Air Force:


Zeppelins will be phased out due to heavy losses (they?re just a big, slow target?). First-generation bi-plane fighters (machine guns); faster aircrafts, more robust, capable of carrying hand grenades or small bombs (in the area of 10 kg, something the second pilot can throw out of the cockpit).


The Air Force will mainly be concerned with fighting-off enemy reconnaissance aircraft and their protection (fighters). Air raids are possible on a small scale (like attacking the enemy lines or frontline supplies), but we should keep in mind, that nobody used the air force strategically in WW1, so this would be a MAJOR improvement in warfare which should be played out REALLY good.

Also remember that these kind of aircrafts are slow (100-250 kph) and have a very limited range (can fly for 1-2 hours). Attacks deep into enemy territory are impossible.


Major events:


Uprisings in small towns, defecting groups of the army.

Rebels capturing one major city.

Heavy fighting in the whole country.

Last stand of the Imperials in the capital.

End of the war, execution of the emperor, Republic of Tamurin, constitution.


Remember, this war lasted 8 years. A pace too fast wouldn?t be good?




Every participant should now write something about his nation, its current state, political alliances (more imperial or republican or anything else of interest), technology, army etc.

You can think of Tamurin in 1903 like Germany in 1903 ? a militaristic and arrogant nation that fears noone with a powerful army, air force and navy.



OK, let's get this started!

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In what seems like a strange change of events to those outside the country, Vanarambaion lodged its support for the Republican cause. There was no explanation of why, it was a simple show of support and backing.


Vanarambaion Military:

Overall: Think of the Chinese Army with the technology of the United States and the tactics of Nazi Germany. They're huge and powerful. The arrogance isn't there, but they're not afraid to use the forces they have, and recruit more. Confidence, I would say, instead of arrogance.


Army: relatively smaller than the other two branches. Focus is on Special Forces and other highly trained troops. They make up for numbers with efficiency. All forces are fully mechanized with trucks, tanks, helicopters, etc.


Navy: The second group, they also get more focus than the army. Tactics revolve around carrier groups consisting of between 2 and 4 air craft carriers and their support and defense ships. Highly mobile, with a classified number of carrier groups stationed around the region. There are also a classified number of nuclear submarine wolfpacks around the world.


Air Force: This receives the most focus from the Vanaramabaion High Command. The conversion of the fighters to stealth fighters is nearly complete, and there is the usual number of support craft. Large transports carry paratroopers and the nuclear, chemical, and cruise missile capabilities of the VAR are substantial.

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Hey, Vanarambaion, have you looked at the top part? The technology is pre-First World War.


Think of Tagmatium like a Balkans state. Ruled over by an Emperor, but this power is more often than not only in name. At this point in history, Tagmatium was ruled over by one of its weaker Emperors, Basil II. There were large pro-Marxist uprisings, and many occaisons were the right-wing forces were in control. Mainly, this conflict was kept to the Imperial Court, where rival aristocratic factions would vie for control of the rather weak-willed Emperor.

The socialist faction has control of the court at the outbreak of the war, but power switches between the two factions. The Tagmatines send a battalion of the Imperial Guard to help train the rebels.

The military of Tagmatium is the same as all others at this stage, the notable exception being the armoured cavalry, the Cataphracts. The Imperial Guard is the elite, well trained and equiped. The Peoples' Guard, the regulars, are less well train but are mainly professional soldiers. There is a large reliance on cavalry, which have proved useful on many recent engements in Tagmatium. There is a small airforce, based upon the use of zepplins/airships. The navy is fairly strong, but due to the recent Dreadnought battleships, it is begining to be obsolete.


Editted due to me being vague

Edited by Tagmatium Rules (see edit history)
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Wow. I need to read more carefully. OK, then let's see how I can do this time around:



Vanarambaion is going through a period of intense growth, and the height of power for the anti-Emperor faction in the Vanarambaion Senate (This being said, the Emperor still has an iron grip of foreign policy). The military numbers are low, as we rely mostly on the draft in wartime. New technology isn't being instituted in the military at the pace that it's being developed. Vanarambaion's citizens follow a isolationist policy. This being said, the untapped potential of the Vanarambaion agriculture and military capabilities is astronomical. Vanarambaion declares neutrality at the beginning of the civil war, and resolves to trade with both sides and any other countries involving themselves in the war. Vanarambaion's island is shared by another nation (which has since left/been absorbed), and the two nations ignore each other consistently. The Emperor is Wallace Wilson, an idealist liberal, who is looking for ways to write himself into the history books without marching off to war.


Vanarambaion is a United States-type figure.

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Niederoestereich has just been established as a separate country. Declared its independence from its former motherland in 1901. Niederoestereichs industry is just being established with main agriculture exports running the economy. They have just past a ?White Niederoestereich Policy? to keep their culture intact for fear of foreigners destroying what they have just claimed. Niederoestereich is a democracy with right wing leanings.

Niederoestereichs main attribute is its army, although only made up of volunteers with a small professional army. Its naval is relative small, since before 1900; its former motherland had taken care of defence.

Her army infantry mainly used as shock troops (as Australia was in ww1), which enjoys good morale in most situations. There are light horse regiments, but none professional.

Niederoestereichian navy is mainly late 19th century frigates, destroyers, minelayers and survey vessels, no dreadnoughts or heavy cruisers. Niederoestereich has no flying corps. Her citizens are hard working labourers whom enjoy a higher basic wage then most of their counterparts in other countries. They have an easy going and lighthearted attitude even in war. Niederoestereichs leader is Chancellor John Monash, whom has a fiery temper who is advocating for conscription during the start of the war, although unsuccessful after a referendum.

This temper lead to Niederoestereich getting involved after 15 diplomats where killed while returning from a diplomatic mission.

Niederoestereich is basically like Australia except with slightly more industrial might and larger numbers involved.


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well, lets have a go shall we...


Phil II is the current ruler of the nation, he is the ruler of a nation with a long and chequered history, who have only recently emerged from a civil war of their own. the current Tamurin emprorer is a coisen of the King, and Phil II will ally with Jacob Menelassar against his brother, who is a disgrace to the royal name!

(can we say Emperor Menelassar I maried Phil I's sister or somthing? most of the real life royalty are all inter-related and inbred anyway...)


Phil II has a large air force consisting of many Zepplin Bombers and several small squadrens of Bi-plane spotters. This air force is one of the largest in Europa, and is not equaled in prowess or quality! Much spending in recent years has been on these new style Zepplins, and we are confident they will scare off these rebels into the hills! (yes i know it was said at the start Zepplins were crap, and that is part of my plan...)

Phil's navy is a decent size, and is currently stationed in Slavenmouth on the North of the nation.

Ground forces consist of around 750,000 men, mostly armed with the very latest in Philian Technology, the Franz Herbert 17P 1 shot rifles, ARS machine guns, GenCAP pistols and grenades as standard.

Heavily armoured cavalry squadrens are also around, with mounted Riflemen and machine guns to really scare the Rebals back into their holes...


(basic plan, act like a pompous old git, get shot up alot, flee back into Philian Territory...)

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(OOC @ RP Mods; I would like your approval to create a subforum for Historical RP. After that, I would like to split some parts of this thread into new topics about nations in particular, so this topic is not clouded with descriptions.)
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(OOC @ RP Mods; I would like your approval to create a subforum for Historical RP. After that, I would like to split some parts of this thread into new topics about nations in particular, so this topic is not clouded with descriptions.)

well wouldn't it take away from the archive? im all for it but i dont want to kill the archive by splitting it into two. maybe move the whole thing?


as for this thread, we need to decriptions as most are past tense description and helps in the RP. feel free to copy the descriptions but thye also need to be here in order to give a timeline as well as a report to new nations that are joining the RP late. this is how real RPers get down wink.gif ,and ol' Tamurin gets down. any other questions about it should go to Tamurin. this is a whole nother type of RP, and believe me over time this RP will grow to be probably the biggest RP we've had.


PotEdit: the more i thought about it the more i liked the subforum idea. i doubt we would kill anything (i hope not anyway). im all for it! great idea.

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Byzantine Empire has been aquiring colonies since 1704 when first was established. This is why Byzantine Empire has been developing a massive navy including (now) Dreadnoughts, Cruisers, destroyers and even first (not-too-functional) submarines (they are in latest stages of developpment).


in 1876 largest of Byzantine colonies, Romaion (one of my puppets) declared independence and war against the Empire. Byzantines sent a large force to quell the rebellion but Romaians repelled them and were able to fight off two smaller attempts to return them in the Empire. Byzantine army had been spred too thinly across the globe in attempts to create a vast colonial empire and constant bickering with other colonial powers was greatly straining imperial resources. After Romaions rebellion other colonies tried also to gain independence and sever their ties to the empire. Many succeeded as Imperial Colonial Forces had to abandon less valuable colonies and reinforce those more important. After the dust fell Byzantine colonial empire was only 1/3 of its former size but remaining areas were fully in control of ICF and never since has any serious rebellions erupted.


Following the reduction of the colonies the Imperial Army Command suggested the modernization of army in 1884 which Emperor (Theokratos II) agreed. New weapons were brought in service and old ones were mainly sold away (for example to Paranoid Schizos). Army structure was also modified and earlier cavalry-oriented approach was abandoned in Imperial Domestic Forces but was preserved in ICF for budget reasons. The transformation to mainly infantry/artillery -oriented army was also meant to be made in ICF but the modernization of navy was decided to be more important and so to this day ICF has been maintaining a big cavalry, few garrison infantry-units and low amount of artillery. IDF is completely different as it hs only couple of elite cavalry units and well trained (although not too numerous) infantry and quite developed and large artillery. Especially Tzsimisces-corporation has been developing massive guns. Marine-forces have also been developed somewhat to get navy and army act more seamless together. In addition Imperial Guard has been expanded as a division of elite forces as it formerly only was couple of companies responsible of emperors wellbeing. Imperial Flying Corps is small and mainly developed for scouting enemy lines with small and fragile aircraft. Zeppelins are used in naval patrolling, bombing and civilian purposes but there is not many of them.


After the modernization nothing big happened untill 1897 when Romaian cruiser stopped, looted and sunked a Byzantine trade vessel. Enraged Byzantines declared war. During the Naval war most of Romaions navy was destroyed and Byzantines threatened to make landfall and capture several key cities in Romaion. Romaion surrendered and was made to pay huge compensations. (OOC: I hope Tamurin accepts next) During the war however Imperial Intelligence discovered that Tamurin had been assisting Romaians and disrupting Byzantine naval traffic by funding pirates etc. in attempt to minimize Byzantine effect in the region. Unable to fight second offensive war so soon Imperial Government decided to contact rebel forces inside of Tamurin and offered Menelassar II a refuge in Byzantine area. After this Byzantine and Tamurin governments have constantly been in brink of open war but never actually fought against each other. The funding of republican forces has continued even as Imperial Government does not support most of the ideas of the republicans.


(OOC:phew, history is so fun but creating "alternate" or totally new one is quite a process. Basically Byzantine empire of the are in question is something between British and German Empire in corresponding era. Emperor has retained more power though than his counterparts in real history.)

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(OOC @ RP Mods; I would like your approval to create a subforum for Historical RP. After that, I would like to split some parts of this thread into new topics about nations in particular, so this topic is not clouded with descriptions.)

well wouldn't it take away from the archive? im all for it but i dont want to kill the archive by splitting it into two. maybe move the whole thing?

(OOC: That's not what I meant. I mean a subforum for this RP Military HQ, where historical RP's could be played. Nations would also be able to post their history there. I'll get right to it, before this thread get's even more cluttered.)




I'm very sorry to have to ask this, but could everyone who has posted their national history inhere please post again in a differet thread? That would make it very easy for you to add/remove some parts of your history, and it would allow everyone to notice it immediatly. Most importantly, we would all know what's going on where and this RP could get started.

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