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Sevrun Rebellion OOC Thread

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OOC: Okay, here's the deal. This thread will be for RPing Sevrun's rebellion against a colonial power in the 60s, and the subsequent formation of the nation. The location will be the Northern half of Sevrun, the original part of the nation before expansion projects.


The rebellion force is relatively rag tag, and kept away from major cities, but benefits from a strong desire for independence and some brilliant tactical leaders, along with some outside assistance from other nations.


The colonial force can be just about any other nation in the region, and if no one wants the job we can just make someone up.


The ultimate outcome is, of course, the formation of Sevrun out of the old colony, but it is a long, bloody war to get there.


At the start of the RP, it is July of '64. The rebellion has already been nearly crushed once, and has been lying in wait for the last year, licking their wounds and letting the Army think they've been beaten. They are preparing to stike again very soon.



Rebellion and Allies:


Various loosely allied freedom fighters, the largest group of which is refered to as the Liberation Army


Ide Jima












Colonial Forces and Allies:


Tagmatium (colonizing nation)


Karthene Federation




Neutral, but watching situation:








(Okay, I admit my map is pretty cruddy, but it gets the message across. If anyone wants to take a stab at making it look nicer, be my guest)


user posted image



Military Strength:


The Liberation Army is almost entirely composed of barely trained soldiers with basic small arms. Pistols, rifles, SMGs, etc. They have proven somewhat self-reliant, to the point of stealing munitions from colonial armories and equiping themselves that way, even to the point of creating 'Technicals', trucks, jeeps and similar civilian vehicles with mounted weaponry. For anything more advanced, they are reliant on outside assistance. Despite their technological hurdles, they are dedicated to their cause and willing to lay down their lives for their leader.


The Colonial army is very much a modern army of the times. Well trained, well equipped soldiers, complemented by combined arms tactics and bleeding edge vehicle technology. The only drawbacks? They're fighting an enemy on non-traditional terms, far from home with no idea how much longer it will be before their government is satisfied and calls them back.





Sevrun is composed primarily of mountainous terrain, forming a ring around Lake Altera, a high elevation mountain lake. The river runs from there, down the mountains and into the lowlands, a flat area good for agriculture that follows most of the coastline. The port cities of Gripps and Palen are built in such areas, and stretch out to the sea. Solace, the only other 'major' city, is in the southern mountain ranges.


These two geographical features, mountains in the central and southern areas and lowlands by the northern coasts, make up nearly all of Sevrun's terrain. The climate is temperate, ranging from warm springs and summers to moderate, occasionally biting cold, autumns and winters.


There is a road and rail system in place, but it is an obvious target for rebel saboteurs.

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dry.gif I'm gonna get a reputation as a nation that always picks the losing side, first the Tamurin War, now this...


If it's ok, i'll join the war on the side of the Colonials. You may wanna read some of the Tamurin Civil War, just to see how brutal we can be. If you don't think that kind of thing fits this RP, i can sit it out.

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Trust me, I don't mind brutality. There are a couple of important rebel officers that can't be killed because they take up government positions later, but otherwise the events in here can turn out just about anyway that doesn't destroy the whole place.

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I'm in!


My nation is ruled by liberal-conservatives in the early 60s and will be neutral, but having sympathy for the colonials.


But in 68/69, there'll be a shift in the government towards a progressive party and that will change the attitude drastically. The sympathy will then be for the rebels.


For most of the part, I'll be a neutral arms dealer (like in Deltannia now).

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Okay, made lists of who's on what side for now. Also a brief description of both primary armies.


Anyone who wants to step forward and actually be the nation that colonized the area, go right ahead. I'll start work on a map once we've got someone as the Colonials.

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Tamurin, 1964:


The nation has had nearly 30 years of liberal-conservative government which is (with its mind) still in the 1930s. Progressive opposition parties are starting to get massive support within the population, but the next election is still far ahead.


Current president is millionaire Rudolf Barschel, member of a liberal economy-party. His presidency is one of "Free-Market-Policy" and "Trade-with-everyone-able-to-pay". He has no values of life and no morale.


Current opposition leader is Wilhelm von Kluge, member of the progressive technocratic party. He stands for a more strict economic policy, foreign politics with morale, "armed neutrality" and technological progress.


Tamurin is a medium-military power in Europa, but has a very strong economy. Production capabilities are high, but the money for the military is low.


Current military assets:

The Army is using an old tank, like the M48. It's relatively slow, has a small range and a 90 mm-cannon. It's only PRO is a strong armor.

Artillery is towed, standard howitzer has 155 mm.

The infantry is equipped with M14-assault rifles and small hand grenades. Sidearms are 8-round-pistols. The infantry is well-trained and highly motivated, but its equipment is a little poor.


The Navy is based on 8 battleships, which are outdated since the introduction of large aircraft carriers in the 40s. The battleships are still the core of the Navy. There are 3 carriers from the 40s in service (btw, still got 'em, but don't use 'em - too old), each carrying 80 aircrafts. Subs are diesel-powered and for coast use only.


The Air Force ("Luftwaffe") consists of:

- Fighters (F-8 "Crusader" (Navy), F-4D "Phantom" (Navy/Air Force), F-86 "Sabre" (Air Force), F-100 "Super Sabre" (Air Force))


- Fighter/Bombers (F-4D Phantom (Navy), F-84F "Thunderstreak" (Air Force), P-51 Mustang (Air Force))


- Bombers (B-50 "Superfortress" (small number))


- Reconaissance (F-104 "Starfighter" (Air Force), F-82 "Twin Mustang" (Air Force), F-4B "Phantom" (Navy), Me 109 (Air Force))


- Battle Aircraft, for battlefield use only, all Air Force (P-51 "Mustang", F-84F "Thunderstreak", FW 190, P-38 "Lightning")

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The Karthene Federation, 1964


The Karthene Federation has now existed for more than a generation, and its leadership has become increasingly more political than military. The current Supreme Commander, General Gregor Hammer, has never been involved in the military outside of the administrative corps. The Republic of Gara (our modern day Supreme Commander's country) has only recently been absorbed into the Federation, and so there is quite some turbulence throughout the nation. This has manifested in a more outwardly aggressive stance on almost anything.


The Federation was recently cleared of war crimes charges by the UN, dating back to the Tamurin Civil War, on the grounds that the Federation did not exist as a unified state back then. As this is so, they may be more careful with their brutality, so as not to draw attention to themselves.


Military spending is at a low (though still higher than most nations), and the navy has suffered badly, with only four of the eleven Grand Fleets actually active. Only the 2nd Grand Fleet would be deployed here, which still contains three battleships, as well as five carriers.


We do have the new XZ-Scorpionpanzer tank, which correlates to any "modern" tank in the late 60s. Most of the tanks will be the XC-Avengerpanzers, based on the T-34. As for troop armourments, the AR-25 (equiv M-14) is the assault rifle of issue, and the soldiers rather unusually wear flak armour, which makes them slower and less stealthy, but slightly better protected. But it's still not very advanced.


As for the airforce, the KaC Marauder is the standard fighter (MiG like), with the KaC Ravager the navy version. The only non-Karthene plane on use is the B-50.

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Ide Jima in the 1960's


-Newly turned Communist


-A large army is maintained, as the government fears outside attack. Current Leadership is that of Chiang Nobunga- father of the recently deposed communist dictator of Ide Jima.


-Equipment is mostly British weaponry:




MiG-25 (enters service in 1967)


Hawker Hunter

English Electric Lightning




Myasishchev M-4

Ilyushin IL-28


Blackburn Buccaneer

Avro Vulcan

Handley Page Victor


The navy is a different matter, it is largely stocked with russian and some ex- German ships, and is in some places very dangerously obsolete.



Troops are armed with:-



AK-74 SU

Type 56 Assault Rifle

Dragunov SVD (Did this exist back then? If not I can change it)












Various Towed Weapons



Rocket Launch Systems:-


Edited by Ide Jima (see edit history)
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Tagmatium, 1964


The current Emperor is Constantius II, who was elected on his left-wing views in 1958. This was after several emperors in the years between 1920, the death of the emperor Basil II (the one in the Tamurin civil war) and '58, who were from the old aristocracy of the land, and usually ignored the poorer people's rights. Democracy was unpopular with the upper classes after the Tamurin civil war.

There is quite a bit of anti-Imperialistic feeling amongst the upper classes due to the Emperor's views, and a fair bit of anti-Communist paranoia, especially due to several newly made Communistic countries, including Ide Jima. These feelings will surface in a coup in '69


The Army and Navy are equipped with weaponry of the United Kingdom at this time. I don't know what the weapons are, so I would be grateful if I could be told.

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Deltannia, 1964


Deltannia is emerging as a nation of extremes. Radicals on both the libral and conservative sides are vying for the government while the current Centrist government builds up its military forces.


For centuries, people have lived in this region now known as Deltannia, but when with nationalism came the full unifying force of a country. The military has always been its pride, along with scientific strides. By this time, most religious factions have lost power to the neutral government, now comprised of the Senate and Council.


Industrialization, although it has been taking place prior to this point, is now full force as a sense of advancement consumes the entire population. Unrest comes from a divide population as agricultural traditionalists and the industrialists once again break out in combat.


And the navy is commanded by Grand Admiral Visham Salani, father to present day Grand Admiral Leo Salani.....

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1960s Niederoestereich


Pretty much democratic with an economy starting to flourish. Nationalism is pretty high in the community with compulsory military serivice introduced from 1953. (more to come when i can be bothered and have time)


Military 1960s


Fighters: Dassault Mirage III, MiG 21

Bombers: English Electric Canberra

Fighter-Bomber: De Havilland Vampire

Choppers: Hueys and Wessex

Recon: Bird-Dog



Rifle: L1A1 SLR


Pistol: Webley revolver

MG: Vickers Machine Gun

Armour: Centurion Mk.5, M113 modified with turret from the Saladin armoured car



4 Battleships

2 Carriers, 1 transformed into a supply carrier

Various other Frigates, destroyers and other ships


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