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Hidaya Miliki

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The Imperial Stratagem has recieved intelligence that the government of His Majesty, Emperor Mubarak IV, and his internal security forces, the Mubarak Chagina have been reciveing unknown foreign weaponry and aide to continue their oppressive government rule over the people.


The Arch-Imperium, as northern neighbor to this small nation is growing concerned with the massive exodus of refugees across the border. The Arch-Imperial Army has already begun constructing dozens of refugee camps to harbour the Refugees, many who are a part of all three of the Erevusha, Tiifu and Chagina tribes.


The Situation

Arch-Imperial Intelligence reports that the Emperor's forces may number between 50,000-200,000 troops, equiped by foreign weaponry. This weaponry is currently not known of what national origin but it is widely believed to be foreign. The Arch-Imperium has employed a strict arms boycott of the nation of Hidaya Miliki.


Reports of Genocide?

The Arch-Imperium, has been cut off by official communications networks by the Emperor Mubarak IV. The national government of the Emperor strictly controls all official networks of communications and employs a single state-owned and state-operated media network. The refugees are bringing stories of entire villages being slaughtered, simply because they were a part of the other tribes than the Chagina. Even Chagina refugees claim to have their entire towns destroyed because they harboured other refugees.


There is no official stance by the Arch-Imperium to declare any situation however the stories are growing. The Xheng Ambassador to the Hidaya Miliki government has expressed official concern but yet to has authority to act.


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Hidaya Miliki

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"Your majesty, it looks like the Arch-Imperium of Xheng has begun to find issue with its much smaller neighbour, the Kingdom of Hidaya Miliki."


The Tagmatine Emperor looked up at secretary.


"And this dispute affects Tagmatium how?"


The secretary took a deep breath.


"Well, your majesty, if you can remember back to the aftermath of the disolving of the Republic and the re-establishment of the Holy Empire, to help re-establish Tagmatium's economy we entered into arms deals with some of the smaller states in Europa, mainly to the south of the region. Your majesty, as the then High Chancellor, authorised it."


Commodus leant back in his chair. "But surely the Arch-Imperium cannot trace these weapons to us."


"They probably can, your majesty."


"We can, and will deny it, though. Put it down to the previous Emperor's attempts to kick-start the economy, or the last few members of the old republic trying to sow some trouble in other parts of the world. But don't release any form of statement until we really have to."


"Yes, your majesty."


Tagmatine Red Cross Appeals to the Greater Holy Empire

user posted image

With the desperate situation with in the Kingdom of Hidaya Miliki, the Tagmatine Red Cross appeals both to the people of the Greater Holy Empire and the Imperial government to increase donations to the charity so that it can play more of a role in both the nation itself and in the Arch-Imperium of Xheng, were it is playing a small role in delivering aid towards the needy in the many refugee camps in both Xheng and other surronding nations.


Please give a small donation of just HS5 could give a family enough food to last them six months, or help to provide clean water to a camp.

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To: Nations of Europa

From: The Sublime Principate of Akiiryu


With increasing reports of genocide in the nation of Hidaya Miliki, the Baronic Council believes that it would be pertainant for a multinational investigation to be launched immediately to ascertain the validity of these claims.


If the claims are found to be based on fact the Baronic Council will use all means in its power to both protect potential victims of genocide and punish the offenders while working to restore a strong and independent responsible government within the state of Hidaya Miliki. To this end the R.A.N. Southern Fleet has been placed on high alert and has been ordered to the Alliance naval base on Vulcan Island. Other assets are also travelling towards Hidaya Miliki via the north east passage.


The Baronic Council wishes to stress at this time that it has no territorial or political ambitions in Hidaya Miliki, as no nation should seek to profit from genocide. Rather, the Sublime Principate is moving to meet its responsibilities as a senior nation within the region of Europa to ensure that genocide does not darken our region.

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To: Xheng

From: Emakera


Dear Emperor Xheng,


It?s a known fact that people like to talk, and make their crosses sound heavier than they actually are, but, if is confirmed that there?s a genocide going on Hidaya Miliki, our soldiers?d teach this terrorist leader how?s like to be killed in a gas chamber, or whatever?s the way that his jagun?os are killing innocent people just because of ethnicity. We?ve cut all kind of relations with these monsters, and my fingers are on the my BIC pen, ready to sign this evil emperor?s death sentence.



Ditador Richard Haller

The People?s Republic of Emakera

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To: Nations of Europa

From: The Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Subject: Hidaya Miliki


Tagmatium is surprised to see the sizes and diversity of the forces that have either been mobilized or put on alert in reference to the suspected case of genocide in Hidaya Miliki. It could be, indeed it surely is, exaggeration of the situation by those opposed to the government of his majesty, King Mubarak IV, namely the rebels that are currently engaged in insurrection against the government forces in and around the country.


We therefore encourage the various governments concerned with the situation, namely Scipii and Akiiryu, that it is best to restore trade to Hidaya Miliki, as this is worsening the series of famines in the Kingdom, as well as standing down the armed forces poised to involve themselves where they are definately not needed.


It would be best to pursue a peaceful, civilian investigation of the allegations in the Kingdom, as well as attempting to alleviate the famines and droughts which are causing aid crisies in the nation through either Non-Governmental Organisations such as the Red Cross or another, similar organisation. The supposed refugees fleeing oppression could be just fleeing the terrible humanitarian conditions in Hidaya Miliki, and using the media blackout the government has imposed as "proof" of genocide.


Tagmatium, therefore, is encouraging moderation in reaction to the reports of supposed genocide, as well as more aid and humanitarian help to Hidaya Miliki, rather than any form of military intervention to what may just be the lies of rebels who are unsatisfied with the way the current administration is being run.

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To: All Nations of Europa

From: Sublime Principate of Akiiryu


The Baronic Council is surprised by the GHET response, especially as all the SPA has done has ordered the R.A.N Southern Fleet to Vulcan Island, an Alliance military base. Moving the Fleet closer to Hidaya Miliki will enable the SPA to more efficiently and quickly exercise its response to the situation in Hidaya Miliki once investigations into the alleged genocide are completed. Least the GHET forgets, R.A.N. fleets contain hospital ships as well as combat vessels. Akiiryan forces are also trained for humanitarian missions.

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To: the Sublime Principate of Akiiryu

From: the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Subject: Hidaya Miliki


Once again, the Sublime Principate ascends the moral high ground, especially over the actions of a Tagmatine captain who's actions were not condoned or ordered by the Imperial government.


We are just surprised at the large, some would say too large, response of the Sublime Principate to the accusations of genocide in a small, out of the way nation who's neighbour, funnily enough, Akiiryu had a high-profile diplomatic incident with late last year.



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From: The Sublime Principate of Akiiryu


The Prince, Baronic Council and People of Akiiryu are shocked and saddened by the GHET's attempt to score cheap political points by questioning the motivations of the Sublime Principate's actions regarding Hidaya Miliki. No mention was made of the Iceberg incident, a sorry chapter in SPA-GHET affairs which the Sublime Principate now thinks is better forgotten. The Prince, Baronic Council and People of Akiiryu can only wonder why the GHET would attempt to open such old wounds at this time.


The SPA is not the only country to have prepared ready reaction forces in relation to the possibility of genocide in Hidaya Miliki, yet it is they only country to have had it motives questioned by the GHET. This smacks of bias on the part of the GHET. The SPA's comments on the possible crisis have been far less strong than other nations. Moreover, the SPA has repeatedly stressed that its objectives in the case of genocide being discovered in Hidaya Miliki are to, in order, protect the potential victims, punish the culprits and help set up - in unison with other Europa countries - a stable, independent and responsible free Hidaya Milikian government. As such the GHET comments can only be seen to be guided more by selfish political considerations than actual concerns about the question of Hidaya Miliki. Or, prehaps the GHET is concerned about the rest of Europa discovering its current investments in Hidaya Miliki and as such would prefer attentions diverted elsewhere?

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The Ide Jiman Ministry of Intelligence...


The Section Head gathered the officials in the conference room. Using a long metal stick he pointed at various satellite images showing troop buildups in the arch imperium, as well as what seemed to be destroyed villages. Following this, a contact with the TZDS spy group in Serekan was bought up, but failed to show anything of interest.


The final slide on the very authentic looking powerpoint presentation showed the intel workers around the table forces which could be deployed.


It showed 3 places to gather operatives:


2400 Airborne Troops on the Island of Kunmatsoy, on rapid mobilisation

5000 Marines being carried in various fleet groups in the area, ready for action within one day

34000 Troops from Army Group South's rapid reaction wing, which would need airlifting to Kunmatsoy, and then transported by sea.



"Any of these troops will be a long time in the mobilisation process, and I'm afraid that all we can do is put them on high alert until we have rock solid grounding that something bad is happening".


"And how do we find that out?"


"By sending in Marine scout parties, here and there - to regions inhabited by smaller tribes. We have a few assault carriers in the area, so we can operate helicopter based recon missions"


"I shall notify the president... I'll get back to you as soon as possible"


"Oh, and say nothing to those IJBC reporters..."






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From: GHET

Subject: Hidaya Miliki/the usual accusations


This accusation of "political points scoring" is a recurring theme in Akiiryan international diplomacy. It was used on several occasions against both the Greater Holy Empire and Scipii during the Gomaria Galatic incident several months ago, and in this incident, especially about the fact that the RAN has hospital ships. Tagmatium does not wish to "score political points", as it has nothing to prove to other nations.


The fact that Tagmatium's comments on thepossible crisis is because it is just that, a possible crisis. There is no conclusive proof either way that it is genocide, and until there is conclusive proof, Tagmatium does not wish to engage in any potential conflict, especially one that is so far away from the Greater Holy Empire and its sphere of influence.


We are happy to provide aid and/or protection to the refugees, just not prepared to invade a nation on the hearsay and rumour. In reference to the idea that we have "singled out" Akiiryu, Scipii has not replied.


Tagmatium has no current investments in Hidaya Miliki.

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From: SPA


The Baronic Council is well aware of the ways in which the GHET diplomatic corps works, and believes it describes the GHET's actions appropriately.


The SPA has no inetion of engaging in a conflict unless violence is absolutely necessary to stop genocide, should it be discovered. The Baronic Council repeats the Southern Fleet has been moved to its second base to enable a more efficient and rapid reaction to any discovered crisis in the nation of Hidaya Miliki. Prehaps if your diplomatic corps were less interested in questioning the SPA's motives it might be able to recognise that simple fact.


Akiiryan intelligence indicates that your current emperor authorised a number of investments in Hidaya Miliki before he ascend the throne.

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Due to the massive international preasure mounting on the government of Emperor Mubarak IV, the Xheng ambassador is utilizing additional preasure onto the Emperor, to allow a foreign investigation force.


With thousands of refugees attempting to escape and almost all are bringing tales of destruction and genocide it seems unlikely that this is some conspiracy for political partisan politics. The Arch-Imperium now is concerned that there is true genocide within Hidaya Miliki's borders and has started mobilizing its forces at the southern border.


It is estimated that the Arch-Imperium will be able to mobilize more than 300,000 Troops and additional vehicles and air support within a few weeks to intervene. However there has been no authorization for Arch-Imperial forces to cross the border.


There however are dozens of refugee camps on the Xheng side of the border.

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To: Nations of Europa

From: The Peoples Federation of Adaptus


The PFA is in agreeance with the SPA in to sending a investagation force into Mubarak IV's dommain, and will fully back any further development in this way.


However, The PFA does not agree with the furosity, and earlyness of the Arch-Imperiums mobolization. This seems to us as though the Arch-Imperium is wishing to achive imperialistic goals in robbing the people of Hidaya Miliki of their freedom. if it comes to force having to be used, the PFA would rather a international peace keeping/liberation force be sent in, other than a Arch-Imerium conquering force.


we belive the people of Hidaya Miliki deserve to run their nation in their own way, and not as a puppet to a much larger bordering nation.




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Perhaps the nation of Adaptus is not aware, that the freedoms of the people sof Hidaya Miliki have already been robbed by their supposed Emperor. The consistencies of the mass killings, abuse of power, and cult of personality all fit that of a megalomaniac who has no intention of releasing his stranglehold of his people. Therefore, the Arch-Imperium is being lobbied heavily by the masses of refugees to intervene. Since the Han, Choson and Nipponese people have lived in peace within the Arch-Imperium, the Akina (Peoples of Hidaya Miliki) obviously admire our systems of government and would wish to replicate it, of course making it a republic rather than a monarchy.


As for our mobilization it is a strong symbol to Emperor Mubarak IV, that the Arch-Imperium will not tolerate the presence of genocide anywhere in Europa.


The Arch-Imperium also takes direct offense at the fact that some nations see our militarization of the border areas, as no more than an excuse for land conquest. Our invasion, should it come to an invasion, is to save lives and stop genocide, not to exploit as how some other nations would do so, not naming names of course.

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--Heavily Encoded, written backwards and in reverse--


To: Xheng

From: Emakera


Dear Emperor Xheng,


I?ve been having sleepless nights lately, thanks to my growing preocupa??o of this suspected genocide in the nation of HM. It goes completely against all the things that i stand for, all my beliefs, and all Emakera beliefs too. We?ve been having public demonstrations, asking for immediate action on Hidaya Miliki?s case, and, since the genocide?s still not proved, we?d ask-- actually, we?d demand, but messing with big nations is really bad for health-- a temporary base in your borders with Hidaya Miliki, for garrisoning our warriors to, incase the suspects of genocide have been proved, invading this rogue nation, and taking emperor Whats-his-name from power. If you don?t like the idea of us having a temporary base in your border, please, talk to me and we?ll see what we can do. We gotta show these thugs a lesson, SOON!


Waiting for your answer,

Ditador Richard Haller

Rep?blica Popular de Emakera

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To: The Arch-Imperium of the Xheng Dynasty

From: The Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Subject: Supposed genocide in Hidaya Miliki


We are still not totally convinced that the situation within the Kingdom of Hidaya Miliki is truely deserving of a large-scale military operation, especially as the area has been hit by several large disasters, such as famines and droughts, which often come hand-in-hand.


Tagmatium believes that the situation is more deserving of a large-scale aid operation, and will happily provide aid, money and even troops if the Arch-Imperium would like us to. This way we can stop the situation in the Kingdom spiralling further out of control.


We also think that there is no real need to oust his majesty, King Mubarak IV of Hidaya Miliki from power. The lobbyings of the refugees cannot be taken as the true word of public opinion in the Kingdom, and it is not really in Xheng's interests to act unilaterally to remove his majesty from power.


Rather, if any military force is to enter into the Kingdom, it must be made of many different nationalities. We therefore offer, if your glorious Arch-Imperium is still going to go on with its plans to remove the King of Hidaya Miliki from power, a force of People's Guards to help you in this task. This offer stands if our above offer of helping Xheng provide aid to the Kingdom is turned down.


If either of these offers are taken up, we ask permission to operate out of Xheng bases in the south of your noble and honourable nations.


Yours in hope,


Vice-Chancellor of the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium


Philip Commenus


In a large meeting room in the Imperial Palace Complex in Tagmatica.


"In what ever case, our forces' primary objective is not to either help Xheng forces remove the King from power, or to spread aid, but to remove all evidence of previous Imperial Armouries transactions with the government of Hidaya Miliki. That is for certain. It would just be another excuse for our varied enemies to get on their high horses and condemn us with their holier-than-thou attitudes."


The various Imperial councillors were slightly taken aback by the Emperor's fairly impassioned speech. Most knew that it was connected to transactions carried out in the name of the Imperial Armouries weaponry company after the Imperial coup in 1995, in a bid to restart the Tagmatine economy.


"Why not just blame it on the previous Emperor, your majesty?"


"Because Theodosius beloved by the majority of people and more-or-less on his way to Sainthood in the eyes of the Church, that's why. It would be nearly as bad for this government to do that than if this 'supplying arms to a rogue state' thing became general public knowledge."


"So, what we're going to do, is to blame it on attempts by the old Republicans to besmirch the name of the man who re-forged Tagmatium after the civil war. Right? So if it does become public knowledge, this would be an easier pill to swallow, as it were," said the Vice-Chancellor.


The Emperor nodded at his right-hand man. "That's right. Offical policy, well secret offical policy is to blame the old Republic. But that's only when we have to. Otherwise, categorically deny that it ever happened."


OOC: That's just to give you the idea behind the Imperial supplying of weapons. No other government knows about the above conversation, but the pointers towards the weapons dealing could be found if a government looked hard enough into past documents etc.

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To: The Arch-Imperium of the Xheng Dynasty

From: the Peoples Federation of Adaptus


we are aware of the fact the suposed, genocied has taken place within Hidaya Miliki, but the thing is, we cartn just take the Arch-Imperiums word for it. we need phisical proof. this is why we aprove of a multi-national inspection team.


we would also like to ask the Xheng military, what exactly are your plans for a militaristic border crossing? are you planning on staying in Hidaya Miliki, or are you planning on overthrowing government, and then leaving?


another thing. going back to these "tales from the refugees", how exactly can we be sure the this just is not propoganda that is being spat out by the Arch-Imperium, to try and make just an old grudge, or to just try and add to your area of control?

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Our government intends on intervening, to post a massive military force between the forces of the Mubarak Chagina, and the Mbomoshi. The Mbomoshi are the rebels that are attacking the King/Emperor's forces and are made up of a unified multi-tribal military group.


The goal of the Xheng military is peace keeping, then moving to peace making. There are hopes that the Mbomoshi will establish a constitutional monarchy within Hidaya Miliki, and put it under independent rule once again. The Xheng military intervention is to hope for peace. We do not wish to escalate the killing.


It is clear that foreign intervention must happen for peace to be established. King Mubarak IV is not interested in helping his people, only consolidating his dictatorship and he must be stopped.

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And i thought that Children?s Story from Slick Rick would be the wisest thing that i?d listen in this dreadful day... luckily, Emperor Xheng proved me to be wrong. Well, your plan sounds good, although i must say that?s not a wise idea putting the Mbomoshi into power that soon. We should take some time rebuilding the country, letting the people calm down, then passing the power to the Mbomoshi. How?s that?

Well, Emakera?s armed forces are already getting ready.

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The Arch-Imperium is interested in hosting peace talks to mediate the situation. Of course it would definately be far more acceptable if these talks were multilateral, and if the Mbomoshi and the Mubarak Chagina were both to attend then there could be a resolution to this devastating war.


However there must be the willingness for both sides to come to an agreement to talk, and so far that has not been reached. As far as we know the Mbomoshi and the Mubarak Chagina are in open warfare against each other and the nation of Hidaya Miliki is being torn apart by this conflict.


If this continues the Arch-Imperium will have no other option than to intervene!

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OOC: Xheng, I've only been calling that Mubarak chap "king" as Tagmatium won't recognise a nation as being of the same importance as it, ie "empire" unless it has to. This doesn't stop people calling Mubarak "emperor", if they want.


"Well, as we have had no answer from Xheng, I think we can safely assume that that message has been ignored." The Vice-Chancellor said with resignation. "It can only point to one thing. The Arch-Imperium wishes to push forward with any plans invade Hidaya Miliki."


"But what exactly does this have to do with Tagmatium?"


The Emperor answered this. "The whole 'illegal weapons dealing' thing, man. Don't you listen? We've got to stop any military movements into Hidaya Miliki, or any large, foreign presence that could reveal our previous dealings. As the Arch-Imperium has snubbed our peaceful offers, we may have to look into deploying a more forceful presence."


"Like what, your majesty?"


"Well, we could move one of the fleets around that way. Pass it off as an attempt to take part in any multilateral force that is to be sent into Hidaya Miliki in an effort to stop whatever genocide or atrocity that may or may not be happening in that nation."


"That would leave us some what over-streched though, wouldn't it? What with the Deltannia sitution, all our fleets patrolling our waters and two full corps with support troops deployed?"


"I think we may have to risk it. Have the Ekainkos Channel fleet back to port in Theis, and prepare for any further orders."


"Yes, your majesty."

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