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Why Make A News Thread?

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Why make a news thread?


Well, there are many answers. You can make a news thread, where your government broadcasts relevant news about your nation and what's happening in other nations, or even what's happening on an international level.


You could use it to make new announcements on new policies taken by your government, especially those affected by the decisions you take by selecting the different Issue options you have every day or so in your nation on the main NationStates site.


It could also be used to spout propaganda about your nation or those you have bad In Character relations with. This would suit your nation more if you run it as a dictatorship of various ideological styles, rather than a free democracy.


Note: If you broadcast things like winning a major war, you must have Role Played it as well. These threads can be used to comment on international incidents, not replace them.

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Try using this:


It allows you to look at threads which are past the current cut-off point of the time limit in this subforum. You should be able to find it back there. This feature is found at the bottom of the subforum screen which displays the threads.

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Alternatively, you can go on your User CP and find previously threads made by yourself.

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