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Most Wanted Fugitives

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About fugitives


Fugitives pose a serious threat to public safety worldwide. They are mobile and opportunistic; they frequently finance their continued flight from the law through further criminal activities, which may result in criminal charges in more than one country.


Fugitives also undermine the world's criminal justice systems. They may have been charged with a violation of the law but not been arrested. They may have been released on bail and then fled to avoid prosecution or, perhaps they have escaped from prison. When fugitives flee, cases are not adjudicated, convicted criminals fail to meet their obligations, and crime victims are denied justice.



Adding a fugitive


In order to correctly add a new fugitive to the list, some basic information is needed.



Possible aliases:
Date of birth: 
Hair color:
Eye color:


Known associates:
Last known location:
Arrest Warrant Issued by:

(OOC: one post per fugitive please.)



Most Wanted List


Warning: These persons should be considered armed and dangerous.

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Ide Jima's most wanted man =


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Name: Kaneziru Ke-Zan Lau


Date of Birth: C.19th July 1979


Sex: Male


Nationality: Ide Jiman


Offenses: 18 Accounts of Terrorism, 4 murder charges, and 24 attempted terrorism charges. Leader of the Red Army Faction terrorist group.


Last known location: Techeng, Rosario island.

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ABAUT the Pirilao Trio (Pirilao)


Already had been captured 2 prisoners , the woman and one of the men.


But one of the prisoners the most dangerous continues disappeared.

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Name: Z? do Telhado

Date of birth: 29 / 01 / 1969

Sex: Masculino

Nationality: PIRILAO

Offences: terrorist, panicmonger


Last known location: none

Contacts: 0012122452 Service Internal Security of the PIRILAO

Arrest Warrant Issued by: The Commander VENTOINHA


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1. Name: Avia Sirus

2. Date of birth: (american, Novamber 22)

3. Sex: Female

4. Nationali:Sierranese


Offenses: Leading armies against the dictator in a struggled attempt to conquer Sierra Noche, terrorisom, though not any murder



possible Aliases: Yang Arsony, any past army warlord that fought in the battle of Kerisoy

status: On probahtion* ( i cant spell)

Possible Location: In Lunitar (definate) off the coast, not attacked because she is still on probahtion, but is capable of leaving at any given time

She is a traitor to Sierra Noche and must be found guilty!



*If you would like to attend her appealing trial it would be next week in Oceania, the city on the coast directly northwest of Lunitar, at 3:00

Edited by Sierra Noche (see edit history)
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Name: Sulaya Nindameo

Date of birth: 02/03/1971

Sex: Female

Nationality: Floxividian

Offences: Attack on the Order of the Phoenix Law/Military Order of Floxivid. She is trained and dangerous.

Possible aliases: None known of.

Description: Long brassy blonde hair, athletic build, approx. 5'-6" tall. Last seen wearing a long green evening gown directly after the crime.

Last known location: Last sited leaving a formal party that was held at the Grand Phoenix Order Complex.

Contacts: Gunther Sigismondo can be reached at the Grand Phoenix Order in Bally if you have any information on her whereabouts. You can also contact any Phoenix Order Office.

Arrest Warrant Issued by: Count Palentine Gunthar Sigismondo, Minister of Defense - Floxivid

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Name: Rashii Corpanus

Date of birth: 22/01/1966

Sex: Male

Nationality: Bainbridge Islander

Offences: Attempted overthrow of the Kingdom of the Bainbridge Islands, Murder of ten members of the Royal Islander Family,

Possible aliases: None

Description: Caucasian, 5?9?, with a scar on his left cheek, and a tattoo of a skull, hammer, and sickle on his left bicep.

Last known location: Fleeing towards the countryside of the east of Honolulu

Contacts: None.

Arrest Warrant Issued by: The Royal Court of Justice, Kingdom of the Bainbridge Island


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To all the Police Services from All the Nations:


From "The Free Land of the Lion Justice" we send you the information about our most dangerous fugitives:


NAME: Marah? Al-Abril Sawaram


DATE OF BIRTH: 22 January 1965




NATIONALITY: Unknown, probably from a little independient indian country


OFFENCES: A dangerous furtive hunter, who has killed illegaly some of our national animal: Lions.


We know he acts under payment from other rich people from other countries who wants hunt pieces in his houses.


We know your national animals can be in dangerous too.


PLEASE CONTACT WITH: The Lion Justice Wildlife Police Department (LJWPD)


Yours Faithfully, Mr. O'Hara (Chief of LJWPD)


With the agreement of:


The President.



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Name: Selene Krevix


Date of birth: March 15, 1977


Sex: Female


Nationality: Damak Var





Conspiring against the state



Description: Political activist who is part of the DSLB (see below). She is a key operative in this malicious organization who must be captured and brought to justice.


Affiliation: Dilikado Silla Liberation Brotherhood


Do not be fooled by the name, this organization is no better than a criminal syndicate. They dangerous terrorist who disrupt peace and order in our society. They want to see our government demolished and replaced with anarchy.


Last known location: Torivik City, Damak Var


Arrest Warrant Issued by the Emperor's Imperial Inquisition


-Chief Director of the Emperor's Imperial Inquisition

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Nan GorGwaith has only one national fugitive, the rest are local. This fellow is armed and dangerous. Please be on the lookout for:


Eol Goebbels

Born May 8, 1961



Offenses include:

1. Incitement of rebellion against the current governement using anti-government propaganda

2. Attempted Murder

3. Armed Robbery

4. Counterfitting of Wooden Nickels

5. Carjacking

6. Possession of illegal narcotics with intent to sell

7. Funding & aid to known terrorist and radical groups throughout Europa.


Height: 5 ft. 10 in.

Weight: 176 lbs.

Hair & Eyes: Both brown


* Possible aliases - Earl Gorbachev, Etako Juval, Jimmy Hoffarn...

* Last known location - Somewhere near the border of Nan GorGwaith and Slavic Byantium, last month.

* Contacts - Please contact any local official within Nan GorGwaith if he is spotted. Outside of the country, please call the criminal hotline at 1-888-no-crime.

* Arrest Warrant Issued by Lord Gothmog VIII

Edited by Nan Gorgwaith (see edit history)
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The Tribal Tribunal has voted unanimously to declare the following individual a wanted man.


Fortin Lobonsky

Born August 18 1974




Offenses Include:


1.Violating a high military directive of the Tribal Tribunal

2. Aiding and abetting lesser criminals attempting to escape lawful persecution in accordance with the Confederation's Creed

3. Inciting rebellion against the lawful government of the Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa

4. Establishing, organizing, and recruiting an insurgency in the Union


Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 155 lbs.

Hair and Eyes: Red / Brown


*Possible Aliases: None Known

*Last Known Location: In and around the Mongol-Swede/Akiiryan Demilitarized Zone, as of the last week (Date/Time Stamp: 1718 Hours Mongol-Swede Time, September 10 2006)

*Contacts- The Office of the Internal Security Detachment of the Tribeland Defense League, Scandinaviopolis

*Arrest Warrant Issued by the Tribal Tribunal

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Name: Richard Bowman, Chairman of the Communist Party of Tagmatium (CPT)

Possible Aliases: Paul Ammianus, Nicephorus Constantine, Claudius Simonon, Nicetas Carlos ? although the Imperial Government suspects that these have been discarded as they have been found out by Tagmatine law enforcement organisations.

Date of Birth: 13th August 1968

Gender: Male

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 13 stone 9lbs

Nationality: Tagmatine

Ethnicity: Tagmatine Greek (OOC: Caucasian)

Hair colour: Brown and usually worn short, although known to alter it to change his appearance.

Eye colour: Green, although often masking using sun glasses or contact lenses

Other distinguishing features: Several scars on back and front, as well as gunshot scars on right shoulder and upper arm.

Offences: Inciting riot, inciting religious hatred, inciting attacks on Imperial Government officials, vandalism, tax evasion, sedition, blasphemy, heresy, treason.

Examples of the speeches typical of the Chairman of the CPT:

Last Known Location: Loroton, Peninsular Cities, Tagmatium Minor, the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Arrest Warrant issued by: the Imperial Government of the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Other notes: Bowman is determined to stir up armed rebellion across the region, to pave the way for a so-called 'worker's paradise' in the Stalinist terror-state mould and cannot accept that any Socialist nation is truly Socialist until it is massacring its own citizens if they stand against it. Due to this, every other government in Europa should consider Bowman as a threat to their internal security, as he will undoubtedly begin to stir up unrest anywhere he goes.

The Chairman is also noted for his abilities as a rabble-rouser and a demagogue. His ability to stir up a crowd and bend them to his will is almost supernatural. It is advised that he isn't allowed access to either large crowds or broadcasting equipment.

Richard Bowman will also certainly be armed with a fire-arm of some sort to prevent capture. Consider him armed and dangerous and approach with caution.

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Name: Seno Hann

Date of birth: Unknown

Sex: Male

Nationality: Former Trodonian Colony of Promethius Prime (Now The People's Republic of Promethius Prime)

Offences: Leading a rebellion against the government of Federal Trodenhiem and Fighting against the Government of North Cadia and the Empire, Attempted assassination of his holiness Emperor Conrad Kruschev, Attempted assassination of President Monte Guerro, leading dangerous riots, murder, breaking the public peace

Possible aliases: Rebel, the Leader, the Failed One

Last known location: unknown

Contacts: Ex-Promethiun Rebels

Arrest Warrant Issued by: Conrad Kruschev and Monte Guerro

Note: Was believed dead


For further information see the following: Seno Hann, The Promethiun Wars, The Promethiun Rebels, Federal Trodenhiem

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Name: Pepe Ansar.


Date of Birth: 02/07/1953.


Sex: Male.


Nationality: People's Republic of Red Iberic Workers (before New Iberia.)


Offences: Massive Political Killings, Financial Offences, Environmental Offences (attempted), Misappropriations.


Possible Aliases: Chemari, the Chairman, the Neoliberal Tyrant, the Preppy.


Description: 1 mt. 62 cms. Black hair and moustache, very thin, pale skin, sunk eyes and with deep black bags under them, bad-tempered face. He always wears tailored black suit, white shirt and black tie.


Last Known Location: On the International Airport in Valence, taking a military plane ('Hercules') for escaping from the revolutionary forces (II Civil War.) Now he's in the exile.


Contacts: It's known by our Intelligence Agency that is trying to unify neo-liberal, dynastic and nationalist-fascist elements in the exile. It's known too that this attempt is going to be difficult, result of the meaningful political differences of these elements.


Arrest warrant issued by: The Worker's Supreme Court.


History: Pepe Ansar was born in the heart of a rich iberic family in the exile (in the URSSI period.) His father was an important managing director of various companies and a convinced capitalist. Pepe studied Laws and with the dead of the General Secretary, Carlos G'ngora, the Ansar family was planning to return to the new and opened URSSI (in the 'Perestroika' Period) but they finally think that it could be dangerous so they sent some economic correspondents to the country, preparing the economic conditions to the private companies. In these years they have allies (The Catholic Church, dynastic heirs and nationalists.)


With the promotion of Suarez as General Secretary of the Communist Party and the fall of the URSSI on 1992, the Ansar family decided to return to the reborn country, New Iberia. With his funds Pepe starts acquiring cheap company actions after the Privatization. In a little time he became one of the richest man of New Iberia.


He knew a new value person in the Conservative Party, she was the young and beautiful, Patty Das. Pepe promoted her, she was a docile person, obeying all his instructions and advices but with the Economic Reforms she was relentless. People called her Patty the Iron Fist, the Iron Lady. Many workers were fired. The contracts were changed to temporary jobs or very flexible and the benefits of the employers were increasing each year.


It is said that Pepe took advantage of the situations and his friendship with Das. He was collecting important commissions of illicit business with Government, He acquired new companies with laughable offers. He stole public funds with the consent of the Iron Lady.


In the last years of the Neo-Liberal period, he planned to build all the coast of Naxeria with massive apartment buildings, fortunately this plan wasn't accomplished because the strikes were kicking the streets and with each hard repression the social movement grew. The II Civil War was on the point of exploding.


During the Civil War he was forced to retreat to the city of Valence. He took the power of the region of Valence and he ordered the killing of many dissidents (maybe over five hundred.) With the dead of Patty in the siege of Puerto Naxos, Pepe knew that the days of Government and the Neo-Liberals are numbered.


In the siege of Valence on August 2002 he escaped in a 'Hercules' to an unknown destination.


Rumours say that he is trying to join all the opposition elements for returning to his 'New Iberia'.

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By Order of the Criminal Court of Soesterberg-Stad



user posted image


Name: Jan Beijerman

Date of birth: 10th of April 1959

Sex: Male

Nationality: Kingdom of Soesterberg


1.bank robbery ( 1 count)

2.assault (3 counts)

3.menslaughter (1 count)

4. rape ( 1 count)

5. sexual haressment ( 2 counts)

6. escape from prison (1 count)



Possible aliases: Neil Larsson (bearing a fake (?) Bainbridge Islands passport), Jan Nicolas

Last known location: Huys ter Heide, Huys Seyst

Contacts: None

Arrest Warrant Issued by: Korps Landelijke Politiediensten (National Police), and the criminal court of Soesterberg-stad (per court order 10th of October 2007, order 15)

Edited by orioni (see edit history)
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  • Name: Bron Urgundy
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: Between 185 and 195 cm
  • Weight: Normal
  • Nationality: Orinese
  • Hair colour: Reddish
  • Eye colour: Blue



Poses as a journalist working for BS News, located in Orioni. After his visit to Suverina 74 individuals reported his criminal activities to the Gendarmerie. It is unsure if his crew are to be blamed for aiding him in his criminal activity. It has been reported that through several instances of agitation, he tried to cause anti-government riots throughout Chișinău.

The Great Queendom of Suverina requests that he be apprehended by the authorities in whatever country he turns up next, and then be extradited to Suverina so that he can be put on trial. A fair court will then determine if he is guilty or not to the accusations that have been brought forth.

user posted image

:pic: Bron Urgundy in the streets of Chișinău

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Name: Gaius Cornelius 

Possible aliases: na

Picture: None available 

Sex: male

Date of birth:

Height: 5ft 6in

Weight: 150lbs

Nationality: Enclavite

ethnicity: White

Hair color: black

Eye color: red


Offences: Terrorism, Treason, Insider trading, Murder of the first degree, Human Trafficking, Genocide, assault, battery, Drug trafficking, Smuggling, Kidnapping and Grand theft auto

Affiliation: the exclave

Known associates: The exclave

Last known location: boarding a vertibird in ravenrock

Arrest Warrant Issued by: Queen donalia

Warnings: Armed, Dangerous and Unpredictable so Exercise extreme caution

Awards: (In enclave dollars)

5000000 if dead

10000000 if alive 

100000 for any useful and relevant INFORMATION 

Edited by Neo-enclave (see edit history)
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Name: Qian Gao

Status: Married

Possible aliases: Skinny Goat, Child Hunter Alpha



Sex: Male

Date of birth: Unknown

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 119 pounds / 54 kg

Nationality: Sapherian

Ethnicity: Sheng / Shengto (local ethnicity)

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Black

CRIMINAL INFORMATION Offences: Child molester and trafficker, Assault, Kidnapping, Murder, Harassment

Affiliation: Shark tooth gang

Known associates: Moon Island Syndicate

Last known location: Quanqing International Airport

Possible Locations: Giokto, Esonice, Florentia, Cashar

Arrest Warrant Issued by: Supreme Court of Saphieron

*note: please contact the nearest Sapherian embassy or local authorities if any information regarding the said criminal may arise.*

Edited by Saphieron (see edit history)
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