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Military Expenditures

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(open message to all weapons dealers)


Along with the recent announcements about expanding the military, we will be needing equipment to arm our troops. We will be needing to equip our ground forces with assault rifles, and maybe some ground support to back them up. We will also be needing recon/surveillance and transport aircraft, some basic naval units, and anti-air defense. Anyone selling the things mentioned, please send a reply detailing the available equipment, and their specifications and cost.


Thank you.


-General Vasurei, Ylania Military Division

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To: The Ylanian Military

From: Ide Jiman Arms Contractors - Export Division


We believe that we have both the aircraft and the guns to fulfill your needs.


For Aircraft:


SAC-39E 'reflex'


Function: Recconnaisance Fighter

Description: Based on the Saab JAS39 Gripen, this aircraft provides the Ide Jiman army and Luftwaffe with a powerful recon platform. Using up to date radar and sensory arrays, this aircraft can gage enemy air resistance with ease. SAC MS3 and ALARM missiles give the aircraft a sting, in case it should run into trouble. A second offensive support variant is under development.

Crew: One

Length: 14.1m

Height: 8.5m

Wingspan: 4.5m

Engine: One SAC F Series turbofan with afterburners

Payload: 4,200 kg

Speed: Mach 2.3

Range: 546 nm

Armament: SAC MS3 and ALARM missiles, 4 Underwing hardpoints for extra fuel, sensory arrays or ASMs.

Price: $70 million



user posted image





Function: AEW/ Surveillance

Description: An upgrade of the popular Beriev A-50, this aircraft carries out AEW duties for the Ide Jiman Luftwaffe and carries the powerful SAC-320 'Omniscience' radar. With a range of over 340 miles, this radar can detect most threats. Several Anti Submarine missiles are also carried on board the K50N variant. The satellite uplink on the aircraft links the radar to the ABM/SAM positions all around Ide Jima, which then lock on to and -if neccessary - neutralise the threat. This aircraft provides users with a cheap but effective method of Early Warning, another advantage is that the huge wingflaps allow for short takeoffs.

Crew: 4 Crew + 12 Systems Operators

Length: 46m

Height: 14.8m


Engine: 4 SAC-220 C Series Turbofans.

Payload: 2 Underwing Hardpoints

Speed: 425kt

Range: 2,900 nm


Price:$64 million


user posted image


BCI-Barbarian HTT


Function: Heavy Troop Transport

Description: Capable of carrying large numbers of troops over very long distances, this aircraft recently entered Luftwaffe service, replacing the aging AN-22 and Shorts Belfast transports. This aircraft is of an entirely new design, and is not based on an Antonov aircraft like almost every other Ide Jiman transport. It can double up as an air to air refuelling aircraft.

Crew: 2 + 340

Length: 76m

Height: 23m

Wingspan: 81m

Engine: 6 SAC C Series underwing turbofans

Payload: 340 Troops (All Ide Jiman Army Ground Systems are airportable bar railway mounted cannons)

Speed: 432 Kt

Range: 3,000 nm

Armament: -

Price: $90 million


user posted image





As for guns, we also have several cutting edge pieces. (The seemingly high prices will be subject to extensive discounting in bulk orders)


(Any further details will be gladly supplied at request)


Assault Rifles:



-Special Forces Assault Rifle


user posted image



Price: ?600




-Next Generation Infantry Weapon


user posted image


Price: ?550


Drakkensburg Armouries STGW-05E

-The Export Model of the stormtroopers latest weapon


user posted image


Price: ?1400








Drakkensburg Armouries P-12

- The standard IJ army pistol, carried by all troops


user posted image



Price: $300



SAC-Apollo SP

-Special Forces/ Police High Powered Self Loader.


user posted image


Price: $600





KDC-Wraith SG-44

-A field shotgun. 1 soldier in each IJ army patrol carries one of these weapons.


user posted image


Price: $900



SAC- Police Model 05

-One in every IJ police car, also carried in tanks.


user posted image


Price: $500

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OOC, @Ide: I really suspect the majority of your weapons are priced at ten times the amount at which they should be. It would quickly bankrupt a nation of even Ide Jima's size to provide its soldiers with a rifle at ?13,000 each.




To: General Vasurei, Ylani Military Division

From: Imperial Armouries, the Tagmatine state-owned weapons manufacturer

Subject: Infantry Weaponry


We have a broad range of infantry weaponry, and are looking at expanding it into much heavier weaponry. As Ylania is a nation starting out in Europa, we have compiled a "starter selection" of cheaper weaponry to equip your armies. This "starter selection" has all the weapons you need to equip your armies. We do have more advanced weaponry available here, but we suspect that these are out of the price-range of a small nation.


Here's the "starter selection":

IJBAC AR-9 Assault Rifle

user posted image

A cheap but effective assault rifle, not as powerful as the SR-28, but a fraction of the post. Has few moving parts, and can be relied on in most situations, which is one of its main features, especially in organisations that do not have the time or the money to train their combatants to the level of a national army, or to cannon-fodder conscripts. Fits a thirty round clip, a folding stock and fires a .223 round. Can fit a bayonet.


Length: 600mm Weight: 3kg RPM: 700


Cost: 1500 Euros/$750


Imperial Armouries KR-28 "Kontarion" squad support weapon

user posted image

Again, based around the Spathion design. It has been lengthened, incoporates a muzzle-flare suppressor and takes a 100 round drum. The standard 30-round clip also fits. It has a forward pistol-grid, as well as a bipod-mount. It is an ideal squad-support weapon, as reliable as the assualt-rifle. It also takes the 30cm bayonet. It is fairly heavy, and the length makes it unweildy in close-quarters. It has a burst fire and automatic fire modes.


Length: 1100mm Weight: 5kg RPM: 650


Cost: 9000 Euros/US$3000


Imperial Armouries FR-28 "Falx" Sniper's Rifle

user posted image

This, the last varient on the Spathion Individual Weapon, is the Tagmatine Sniper's Rifle. It uses the same .280 calibre round as the other three varients, but is extensively tooled to give maximum stopping power. It has a built in supressor and muzzle-flare hider. The forward grip has been replaced with a fibre/rubber one, giving improved grip and comfort in all conditions. The sight is very powerful, and incorporates Night Vision and InfraRed. The weapon as an effective range of 1600 metres. It has only single shot modes, and comes with a 10 round box magazine but, like all the others, is compatible with the 30 round box and 100 round drum. Fits bayonet.


Length: 1000mm Weight: 4.47kg RPM: 650


Cost: 9000 Euros/US$3000


IJBAC SMG-1 Sub-machine Gun

user posted image

Another cheap, reliable weapon, a sub-machine gun. Due to its inexpense, it has become very popular in the quasi-military forces in Plot 23, as well as many gangs and other illegal organisations. Has a folding stock, fires a 9mm cartridge.


Length: 410mm Weight: 1.9kg RPM: 800


Cost: 1000 Euros/$500


Imperial Armouries Tzikourion 9mm Pistol

user posted image

This is the standard Tagmatine side-arm. It is issued, as standard, to all soldiers in all the branches of the Tagmatine armed forces. It takes the standard 9mm round, making it more universal than the other IA weapons, whose ammunition is quite difficult to get hold of outside Tagmatium. It is reliable, made to very high standards, an ideal side arm in all conditions. Can be issued with a silencer/suppressor. It has a nine-round box magazine.


Length: 200mm Weight: 0.8kg RPM: 240


Imperial Armouries Spendone 12-gauge Semi-Automatic Shotgun

user posted image

This weapon is ideal for close-quarter fighting, such as in trenches or in and around buildings. It comes with solid and buckshot rounds. The fact that it is semi-automatic means there is no faffing about attempting to load another shot, the gun does it for you. Has a 10-round clip, which sits between the grip and trigger guard.


Length: 700mm Weight: 4.1kg RPM: 120


Cost: 3000 Euros/US$1000


We hope we can offer what you wish.

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To: General Vasurei, Ylani Military Division

From: Vickers Weapon Systems, Adaptus


Ah, if you need weapons then come right on down to VWS, we have everything a nation needs for defence, or offence, what ever your needs are, we can supply it. we have weapons ranging from infantry small arms, to fast mobile assault helicopters, from Huge Lumbering aircraft carriers, to light weight combat uniforms. what ever you need to held you kill your enemy, or even your friend for that matter.


we are located here.


and here are a few sample products.




user posted image


this is the main service weapon for the Adaptus Armed Forces, and has seen extensive service and has proven it's self more than enough with us, and maybe with your forces too.


Caliber: 5.56x45mm (.223 Rem)

Length (buttstock open / folded): 998 mm

Barrel length: 480 mm

Weight empty: 3.6 kg

Magazine capacity: 30 rounds standard

Rate of fire: 750 rounds per minute

Price: 1500 USD each.


KA-60 Kasatka Mk III


user posted image


a newly upgraded version of the old KA, this is the new Medium Weight Transoport Helicopter, capable of carring 16 fully equipt men, or 6 strechers and 4 medical personel. this is said be the next most numorus helicopter in the FAF's arsenal.


Maximum internal payload 2,000kg

Maximum external payload Ka-62 utility version 2,500kg

Maximum external payload Ka-60 transport version 2,750kg

Take-off weight 6,000kg

Engine Type 2 x RD-600V turboshaft engines

Main rotor blades 4

Cruise speed 275km/h

Maximum level speed 300km/h

Maximum altitude 5,150m

Hover ceiling in ground effect 2,900m

Hover ceiling out of ground effect 2,100m

Range 1000km

Range with auxiliary fuel tanks 1750km

Crew 2 + 16

Price 15 Million Euros


Advanced Soldier Programs



Adapton F.I.S.T Program ( Future Infantry Soldier Technology)

Now known as IWS (Incoporated Warfighter Systems.)


user posted image

Final Design for the FIST program. also now known as Intergrated Warfighter Systems.


The FIST programme covers the development of all areas of technology for the dismounted infantry soldier and emphasises the integration of systems. The FIST system will provide the soldier with improved situational awareness, lethality and survivability. The systems will be assessed on a measure of improved capability and on soldier friendliness with ease and comfort of operation.


The five main areas of capability are identified as C4I (command, control, communications, computers and intelligence), lethality (weapons and sights), mobility (navigation, size and weight of equipment), survivability (clothing, stealth, body armour) and sustainability (logistical considerations).




A main strategy of the FIST programme is that the infantry soldier is a key element of the Fed's network enabled military force.


The FIST soldier's communications system provides communication up to company level. Above company level, communication is via the Bowman integrated combat radio system. The soldier will have a small encrypted radio that operates over a line-of-sight, short range to other members of his unit. The patrol leader's radio will communicate with the forward operating base. The network system will reroute automatically to allow continuity of operation when a communications link is broken, for example when a soldier moves over a hill or ridge.


Voice and data communications can be relayed to the soldier directly or via drone relay links from headquarters, which have downloaded battlefield commands, information and images from forward observers, unmanned air vehicles, remote sensors and other airborne or satellite surveillance assets. The Fed's Watchkeeper unmanned air vehicle system is scheduled for deployment in the 2006 to 2036 timeframe.


The soldier will have a global positioning system, a dead reckoner and map displays to increase his situational awareness. The use of helmet displays, wrist mounted displays, hand held and laptop computers and communications systems will be considered.




The enhanced FIST lethality capability is mainly through improved sighting and weapons. The use of non-cooled observation and sighting systems saves weight and logistic requirements.


The infantry is currently equipped with the 5.56mm G36 assault rifle. The G36 will be fitted with an enhanced sighting system on the weapon or linked to the soldier's helmet mounted sight. A linked sighting system allows the soldier to fire round corners at the target while remaining in a protected position.


Other weapons available to the soldier include MBT LAW and Javelin anti-tank missiles and high explosive fragmentation grenade (HEFG) launchers. To engage targets hidden in trenches or behind shelters, the soldier can measure the range of the target with a laser rangefinder. The range data is downloaded to the weapon's round and the overflying weapon round detonates at the designated range to strike the hidden target.




The clothing will reduce the soldier's visual, radar and infrared signatures as well as providing personal temperature control and environmental protection. The clothing might have built in wires or a type of wireless technology such as Bluetooth to interconnect the FIST components.


The grades of body armour protection will be selected for different operational requirements.


An integrated helmet will provide ballistic protection and an interface to other elements of the battlefield network. The helmet-mounted display can show the battlefield situation, with wearer's position, positions of friendly and hostile troops and equipment and prioritised targets, as well as the downloaded imagery from his weapon sight




The infantry soldier will receive warning of a nuclear, biological chemical warfare (NBC) hazard via the Battlefield Information System Applications (BISA). BISA, under development by SciSys, operates on the Bowman communications system and is linked to the Royal Air Force Command Control and Information System (CCIS), the Royal Navy Command Support System (CSS) and the Joint Operational Command (JOCS) structure. New lightweight and breathable materials are developed for NBC protection




Future infantryman power requirements are estimated at an order of magnitude higher, i.e. ten times higher, than currently used. Designs will continue to be based on advanced lithium ion battery technology until emerging technologies such as fuel cells and fuel cell chargers become more mature. Net-Tech, at Tyne Vally, is investigating FIST power supplies, including fuel cell configurations and the application of Net-Tech's ammonium borate hydrogen generator.


The FDM is funding the development of a handheld fuel cell for recharging conventional batteries by an industrial team including Black and Becker, kneos Chlar, Intelligent Power, and Net-Tech.


The progect should be completed toward the start of next year, with the Adapton Military our first costomers, and backers. but now you two can have these 21st century soldier systems at your disposal. our price, 500,00 Euros a system. but will be redused after production is complete.


MI-30 Hind A Attack/Transoprt Helicopter


user posted image


Newly Updated Hind, made for the Federation Royal Navy and Federation Royal Marines, but could be part of your navy or airforce too. capable of transoprt and attack, it has no need for support aircraft, which makes it exelent for special forces. this version is alot quieter and faster than the old version. and with a larger payload.


Maximum speed (km/h): 425

Alt.: 4500 ft

Range (km): 600

Armament: 8*Rapiers

132* Hellfire Rockets

1* 30mm Avenger

Crew: 2+8

Price: 5 Million Euros


we hope our systems fit you killing needs.


David Stone


Vicker Weapon Systems



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Communique to General Vasurei, Ylani Military Division,


We are able to provide you with military transports.


In the tactical airlift area, we have the A400M.


Airbus Military A400M ? Specifications

Powerplant: 4 x 8030kW Europrop (EPI) TP400-D6

Cargo hold: volume 272 cubic metres

Hold dimensions: 17.71m L x 3.85m W x 4.0m H (aft wings)

Carrying capacity: max payload 30t (max takeoff weight 110t)

Maximum range: 4540km (with 30t payload), 6576km (20t)

Speed range: max cruise Mach 0.68 to Mach 0.72

Inflight refueling: max 41t transferable fuel ( 2 or 3 x HDUs)


In terms with the main competetors in this category, the C-130J Herc, these aircraft are a full generation apart, the A400m having only entered full production in early 2005. At the moment we can offer a fleet of 50 a400M's at an acquistion cost of 3.7 billion denarii (4 billion Euros approximate) along with a 9.2 billion denarii (10 billion Euros approximate) 30 year life cycle cost, which we are proud to say is the cheapest of any options. This fleet can be ready within 8 months and if you wish to acquire more, feel free to inform us and we will recalculate a package cost.


In the strategic airlift area, we have the Il-76MF.


Ilyushin IL-76TD / IL-76MF ? Specifications

Powerplant: 4 x 117kN D-30KP / 4 x 157kN PS-90AN

Cargo hold: volume 198 / 276 cubic metres

Hold dimensions: 18m/25m L x 3.25m W x 3.4m H

Carrying capacity: max payload 50t

Maximum range: 5000km / 5200km (with 40t payload)

Ferry range: No cargo, maximum fuel supply 10,000km

Speed range: max 850km/h, cruise 750 to 780km/h


We offer a per unit cost of 32 million denarii, up to a fleet of 50 Il-76MF's. Considering these aircraft are considerably larger, and utilize jet engines, the 30 year life cycle cost is approimately 11.5 billion denarii. At full production these can be delivered in parallel with the A400M's within 17 months, 12 months alone.


The reason we offer these aircraft is that they are far more affordable than AN-124's or C-5 Galaxy, or C-17 globemasters, or especially production runs of the AN-225. Per unit cost of the C-17 is pegged at 250 million American dollars. 9 Il-76MF's can be purchased at that price. At a carrying capacity of 50 metric tonnes, they are able to lift all but the heaviest vehicles, and the maintainence cost is exceptionally low compared to the super transports above mentioned.


Minister of Defence

The Rght Honourable Nikephorus Phokas

Commonwealth of Slavic Byzantium

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To:General Vasurei, Ylani Military Division

From: Military Supply Services of Liberallandia (MSSL)


You will be pleased to know that the MSSL is selling two kinds of big battle ships and another type of large aircraft carrier. these are strong, able, sea-going crafts are built to defend (or attack) any sea-side city or shore line.



Battle Ships



Name: NCV (Naval Combat Vessel) Type-001 ?n00b crusher?


Purpose: Anti-air combat, naval combat, ocean/sea based siege and assault of cities and fortresses.


Speed: 40 knots


Crew size: 1300


*Price: 500,000,000


Name: NCV Type-002 ?little crusher?


Purpose: Anti-air combat, naval combat.


Speed: 37 knots


Crew size: 1000


*Price: 400,000,000


Air Craft Carriers


Name: ACV (Aircraft Carrying Vessel) Type-001 ?Big Bertha?


Purpose: Naval defense, anti air defense, Transport, repair, and re-fueling of multiple air craft.


Speed: 35 knots


Crew size: 1500 (not including pilots of aircraft)


*Price: 550,000,000


*prices are all negotiable



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