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Republic Of Nenea

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so what is all new about my country between some other 200 000 or how many are in the game?


so simple:

1) is mine

2) is european (here you should be very pleased by this diplomatic touch)

3) it is a happy country with people who are working like idiots but they are solving very happy every problem in order to finish the work faster and go home to kiss wifes and take a shot. or maybe more...

4) no week-end available, who realy needs some free time takes as much as necesary when is necesary

5) as you see my people have a flood problem but they still take a shot. this is the reason I love my country, life is beautiful almost all the time as it should be.


I'll be back with other stories

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Welcome - if you want to learn to start RPing on NS, then look here:


Europa's RP starter section

ok, you have some realistic way of playing around.


for the moment I have no intention to attack anyone, I have to grow a little, hoping you are not eating small countries every breakfast

RP isn't just war, in fact war very rarely happens in this region.

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