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WMD/Deltannia C.War Conference

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well i have a few ideas for the WMD situation, i wont go into them now as there is quite a bit, but it all works on a series of acts, in which each act counters the other. for exapmle.


Right to Defend Act:-


each nation has the right to develop WMD's for defense



which is countered in a hostile situation by


Right to Retaliation Act:-


if any nation uses WMD's as an offensive weapon, each other WMD bearing nation is intitled to use it's own WMD's as offensive weapons against said hostile nation.


and it countines in about 6 or 7 acts, alough alot more detailed then that.



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I think we should figure out what happens during the proceedings (and by that, I mean what we end up with when it's all done), or at least how we want it to go. As for kicking it off... well, I would suggest a summary of the issue at hand, then a brainstorming session to generate ideas (in character, in case it's already been settled OOC). And I agree with the conference style part. Sounds good to me...


disclaimer: those are just suggestions. Use them, or don't, as long as it works.

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