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Invite for the inauguration The Grand Parisan

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The hotel and resort will be the Mirage. The nation of Pirilao fronted 1.5 billion Imperial Euros to the construction of the hotel granting them 75% ownership and all profits of the hotel making a lucractive contract for both Pirilao and the Arch-Imperium Ming-Xheng Chamber of Commerce.


The Grand Parisan is the first to have a 5 floor 250,000 square foot museum within its own property that houses works of art of local, and international artists. Foremost is the design of classical French architecture that is most dominant and to the exterior, the vast gardens replicating those of Versailles, not witholding a fantastic display of fountains.



The World of PIRILAO invite all the nations of the EUROPA for the inauguration of The Grand Parisan Hotel.In the Landeira Island, the day 01 / 02 / 2006


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(Coded burst-transmission to appropriate Pirilao officials)


Know that the Tribal Tribunal will send seven representatives to be present at this upcoming ceremony. We look forward to re-establishing relations and routine communications, as in how it was before our late 'blackout'.



(OOC: Electronic Warfare ROCKS!)

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TO: Pirilao

FROM: Orioni


We'd love to come to the openingceremony. We are especially interested in the fine artcollection by Pirilaian and other artists.


Would you mind telling us in which of your cities the celebrations are taking place?

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