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Dramatic Policy Reversal - HalKu News

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Today President Raybone announced his latest policies concerning the prison system. He said the God had revealed his wishes to him in a dream. He said that God informed him the the current system was unjust, and will no longer work, in this modern era. In a statement he outlined his policies:


...Now, the new prison policy. The courts will work in the same way, except with sentencing, which I will touch on later.

If convicted of a minor crime (such as Shoplifting, or Criminal Damage) for the first time, then the individual shall be sentenced to 9-18 months (at the judges discretion) in a specially designed, and newly build rehab center, that will only be used for those convicted of minor crimes. There shall be no rights to appeal.

If convicted of a more serious crime (such as Assault) for the first time, then the individual shall be sentences to 1 year to 5 years (at the judges discretion)  in a specially designed, and newly build rehab center, that will only be used for those convicted of more serious crimes.

If convicted of a serious crime (such a Murder, Manslaughter, or Treason against the Lord and His earthly avatars) for the first time, then the individual shall be sentenced to 5 - 15 years in a specially designed, and newly build rehab center, that will only be used for those convicted of serious crimes.

If convicted of any crime type (minor, more serious, serious) for a second time then the individual shall be sentenced to 2-20 years in prison (at the judges discretion).

If convicted of any crime type (minor, more serious, serious) for a third time then the individual shall be put to death withing one year of the final conviction. During the period between the conviction and the execution the the individual shall be detained in a maximum security prison.


There shall be a new independent organisation set-up to monitor the quality of inmates life, and the prisons themselves. This organisation shall be called "The Independent Prison Inspection Service" or "IPIS", and shall have broad powers to ensure that inmates have the best quality of life afforded to them in their sentence, providing the inmate has been behaving well. IPIS shall also observe that the human rights of inmates are respected, and regular exercise is afforded. IPIS will monitor prison guards to ensure that they are not assaulting inmates, either emotionally or physically.


20 new rehab centers shall be constructed thought HalKu, with a maximum capacity of 4,000,000, and 2 new maximum security prison with a capacity of 1,000,000. The total cost of these rehab centers (including 2 years of running costs), the setup (including 2 years of running costs) of IPIS and prisons (including 2 years of running costs) shall be 2,000,000,000,000 USD.


I shall be asking the nations of Europa for a loan to help us with the payments.


To: The Nations of Europa

From: HalKu


As outlined in mt press release, I shall require a loan to the amount of 2,000,000,000,000 USD (2 trillion). Plase contact me with your proposal over amount, time period of repayments, and interest rates.


President Raybone


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To: HalKu and the Rest of Europa

From: The Peoples Federation of Adaptus


well i would like to think that especialy LT members, as helping new nations are our main goal, and the rest of Euorpa, that we could all help pich in an amout of money to help HalKu along with their new policies. Also to see our money isnt going to wast we could help them buy sending in engineers and such of the like to help with the construction and such. i for one, even though i dont agree with the policies, as i belive in a more harsher sentancing system i will support HalKu's prison program, and we shall donate 20 Billion Gold Coins, about 24 Billion USD to their new policies, if more is needed then we shall offer it. also a private company known as JB Site Investagations has agreed to help with constuction of the new prisons, and also several of the Adapton senior prison officers have argeed to head over to help out in the setting up of the prisons. we hope this helps.


Kyle Maxim

Deputy Prime Minister


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As Ditador of Emakera, i should say that Mr. Raybone should consider getting a better religion, that doesn?t makes your prisioners be treated as kings, but yes as the flag-burning scum that they are. But arguing about religion is something that?s not worth it... so i?ll just respect his decision, hoping that your deity makes your nation make a wise decision someday, and that i?ll never convert to this sect.


Love and kisses,

Ditador Richard Haller


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To: Adaptus

From: HalKu


I would like to personally thank-you for you generous offer. It is because of people like you that HalKu will once again become a great and powerful nation. I would like to welcome JB Site Investagations, and the Adapton senior prison officers. Thank-You.


President Raybone


**Heavily Encoded - NON COPYABLE - Will destroy Itself in 5 hours from opening**

To: Chairman Ryth of Emakera



I will gaive you a word of warning: if you ever discrace out Lord, or and of His Earthly Avitars, then you shall find yourself in hot water with HalKu. You shall not discrace our Lord in this way, and we ARE NOT a sect, yet a religion, with 98%of HalKu following our Lord. If you wish peaceful diplomatic proceedings to go ahead, between yourself and HalKu, then I suggest you revise your foriegn policy. We will go to war with you if neccissary.


Prensiden Raybone


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To: Ide Jima

From: HalKu


I would like to thank-you for your well wishes, but urge you to reconsider. We do need every cent that we can get. We will pay you back, inc. interest, but over a period of decades, rather that years.


Home Minister - Minister Acantha

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To: HalKu

From: Ditador Richard "Ryth" Haller


I?ll watch my tounge from now on. And please, cut the war talk; we?re in numerical advantage, If my calculus are not wrong, we have about 10 soldiers per soldier of you. I promise that i?ll watch my words from now on, if you promise not to itch our brave and superior military.

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