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Strange Signals Detected!

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Holy Imperial Press Statement


During the course of the night of the 22nd-23rd of January, observation stations in the south of the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium monitored the launching of an object from the Sublime Principate of Akiiryu into space above Europa. Soon afterwards, several objects were then detected to be in stable orbit above Europa.


The Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium would like an answer from the government of the Sublime Principate of Akiiryu over the launching of these objects, as well as the nature of the objects, which are presumed to be some sort of satelite.

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To: Concerned Nations

From: Sublime Principate of Akiiryu


Re: Detected Launch


At 1:17am 23 January the Sublime Principate successfully launched a Pegasus II rocket carrying the Argent Kazi IV weather satellite and D'Or Tori VII telecommunications satellite. These two systems were launched to replace obsolete systems which are to lose their stable orbits in the next four months and provide support to other systems still in use.


The Sublime Principate wishes to enquire as to why the GHET seems to be monitoring Akiiryu airspace.

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To: Concerned Nations

From: The Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatiu

Subject: True Motives


Tagmatium also has a wish, and that is as to the true intentions of the Sublime Principate.


These satellites were launched at a time when several nations are undergoing military expansions. Indeed, the Greater Holy Empire has recently announced its intentions to expand the capital ship numbers of the Holy Imperial Navy. The launch of these satellites is a very suspicious coincidence.


If Akiiryu had nothing to hide with the launch of a weather satellite and a telecommunications satellite, why hide? The launch has been kept in utmost secrecy, to the point that unless the Greater Holy Empire had made it public knowledge, the Sublime Principate would never have released the information.


Quite suspect, we think.

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To: Concerned Nations

From: SPA


The speaks of the SPA's intentions of being suspect, yet refuses to answer why it was monitoring Akiiryan airspace. No more need be said, other than the GHET insinulations about Akiiryan intentions demonstrate just how deep that veins of paranoia run within the Tagmatine Government.


The SPA was waiting until it was sure the launch of the D'Or Tori VI and the Argent Kazi IV was successful before announcing their deployment.

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