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The new president of Portugal

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Portugal votes for centre-right president


Centre-right candidate Anibal Cavaco Silva has won Portugal's presidential election, winning in the first round and avoiding a runoff. It is the first time since Portuguese democracy was established in 1974 that a rightist candidate has been elected head of state. It is a blow for the ruling socialists, who scored their largest ever general election win less than a year ago.


Cavaco Silva told supporters last night: "I want my victory to be that of Portugal. Throughout my campaign I've said that what mattered to me was the well-being of the Portuguese people. I hope I'm worthy of the trust they've placed in me."


The 66-year-old has pledged to improve the stagnant economy and cut unemployment, which is at an 18-year high.



I am with the new president.

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I think that , the reason, of the Centre-right to have profit the presidency, is in the fact, the current government of Portugal to be of left and for beyond not having presented a candidate the president who pleased and is to make little radical reforms one and the remaining portion of the explanation, is in the good political campaign that PRF. CAVACO SILVA made.

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