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Sure, as best as I can...


The Introduction thread is where people introduce their nations and themselves. I'm insulting your intelligence there, I suspect tongue.gif


The General thread is where chats, debates (such as if Aliens exist and the Death Penalty) and other stuff live, as well as the Birthday Thread.


The Game room is where all the games threads, such as Word Association and Picture Association, are.


The Art Gallery is where you can request a new flag, avatar or banner or check out the older examples.


The Archive is where all our older threads are, the ones that we wish to keep and look at.


The RP section is where all the roleplaying between nations takes place.


Central Government is the home of the Europan Government, or EuropaGov, as well as the Senate.


Ministry of Internal Affairs deals with all the happenings inside of the region.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs deals with all the happenings outside of the region, as well as where the consulates of the regions we have relations with are.


Ministry of Defence is the home of the Europan Army, TEA


and finally there is the Technical forum, where you go if you have any technical problems with this forum.


That help you?

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