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Imports & Exports of Scicronisi

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TO: Any interested countries

FROM: Scicronisi

SUBJECT: Imports & Exports of Scicronisi

DATE: January 14, 2006. 3:20pm EST


This is a small list of imports and exports from our devout country of Scicronisi.





Various Wines



Woven Baskets











-Emperor Justin

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To: Scicronisi

From: Tagmatium

Subject: Imports/Exports


We would be interested in importing silk from your nation, as good quality silk is fairly hard to come by in the colder northern regions. If Scicronisi would be good enough to send some samples of silk so that we could judge the quality of it, we would be glad to import it in a much bigger quantity.


We would also look into having your nation as our uranium supplier, as we do not have any uranium ore fields in Tagmatium.


We also ask for Scicronisi to look over our small arms storefront, as well if there is anything else you have to offer, or we can offer you.


Tacitus Smith,


Minister for Trade

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To: Scicronisi

From: Scipii

Subject: Import/Export


It is the express wish of the government of Scipii to trade with you. We can sell you Steel for $220 U.S per tonne. We would also like to import Timber from you, as long as the price is right.

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TO: Scipii

FROM: Scicronisi

RE: Import/Export


We accept your offer for steel and will gladly sell you wood for 40 Euros per ton. Just let us know if you need anything else.

-Emperor Justin




TO: Tagmatium

FROM: Scicronisi

RE: Imports/Exports


We're sending you half a ton of silk for sampling. As for Uranium we'll stockpile it until you, or any other buyer, asks to buy some. We'll also take a look at your Small Arms Storefront.

-Emperor Justin

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