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Formal Name: The Free Land of Ylania

Common Name: Ylania

Government: Deliberative Democracy


Ylania is well-known for its friendly communitites, and its devotion to social equality. The government takes measures to ensure that all of its citizens enjoy fair and equal treatment. Second on its list of concerns is healthcare. Hundreds of health programs are funded by the government yearly, and medical research continues to help in providing affordable but effective medical services.


Ylania is mainly governed by what is known as the Ylanian Council. It is composed of two representatives from each major sector of society. There is no president, as the council is the equivalent of one, and performs all of the legislative and executive functions. A representative is chosen, for when it is required to present itself to the people, or to other nations. When deciding upon a particular issue (such as when a law is to be proposed, repealed, or amended), the council first meets to decide on an initial course of action. A poll is then conducted on a sample portion of the population to determine what the opinion of the people is. This will then be used as a basis for the final decision during a second meeting.


Ylania is small nation, so it isn't divided into territories. Its capital is the city of Amita, where the Council Chambers are located. Other places of interest include the Taveri Monument which also in Amita (in honor of Ruga Taveri), the Tyleni Forest north of Koraza (makes for a good tourist destination because of its scenic trails), and the National Library in Noroira.


Since all religions and faiths recieve equal respect from the goverment, there has been no official religion established. The more popular beliefs, though, are (in no particular order) Buddhism, Christianity, and Atheism.


This is the most information I can put together for the moment. I will be adding to this from time to time as I work out the other aspects of this country. Is there anything important that you think I should be adding to this? Any suggestion would be much appreciated. I hope this helps make some good roleplaying!


By the way, I am terrible at naming. Please bear with me.

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