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Hundreds killed in Hajj stampede

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At least 345 Muslim pilgrims have died in a crush during the stone-throwing ritual at the Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia, officials say.

Hundreds of pilgrims have also been injured.


The ritual has seen many lethal stampedes but the number of dead this time is the highest in 16 years.



The stampede took place at the foot of the bridge of Jamarat, where pilgrims hurl stones at three pillars representing the spot where the devil is said to have appeared to Abraham.



An interior ministry spokesman, Maj Gen Mansour al-Turki, told the Associated Press news agency the crush happened after pieces of luggage spilled from moving buses in front of one of the entrances to the bridge, causing pilgrims to trip.


At least 289 people were injured, according to the Saudi Health Minister Hamad bin Abdullah al-Maneh.




With the local hospital in Mina overflowing, many victims of the crush were transported to medical facilities in Mecca and Riyadh, a doctor told the Associated Press news agency.


Many of the victims were reportedly from south and south-east Asia.


More than two million people were thought to have been performing the rite at the time.





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Seems like a nice idea we could introduce here..


*throws a rock at Haken*




Anyhow, it's horrific that many died, but as it's really a huge manifestation, several millions of people being on the same place, it's bound that something will happen. The papers I've seen today said about 350 were killed. Other years there're several killed are wounded, I've got no idea wether this year has been much worse then usual?

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