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Hello boys...

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oioi mate, i'll add you back to the map once i realse the next update.  wink.gif


unless you would like to take back over that job, and i can send you the latest map?

np man... you are doing a great job with that wink.gif

keep it if you want... anyway, you have me here if you need a hand.


i'm gonna RP my back in a topic in RP Politic's forum... and my back in my spots..


Thx all for the welcome.. it's nice to be here again biggrin.gif


@Orioni: I found the bastard and killed him... he was a f*ck*ng n00b \o/

I told you that you didn't have so much money in your pocket tongue.gif


OOC: ola pirilao tudu bem? estive tomando classes de portugu?s ainda que minha ortografia n?o ? perfeita \o/

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