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Greetings Europa!

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I am r3naissanc3r, the Home Secretary and UN Delegate of Great Britain and Ireland.


I firstly ran into your region when touring the forums of Q102 (I am my region's Ambassador there). I noticed your updates, as well as the overall excellent job that your Ambassador there does, so I decided to have a closer look in your Europa.


Therefore, I am here to represent my region, Great Britain and Ireland. We would be glad to begin and maintain formal diplomatic relations with your region.


Feel free to ask me anything you wish to know about our region. I will be more than glad to reply, as soon as possible. I hope that this will be the beginning for a closer relation between our two regions.


A link to GB&I's forums, feel free to come there:



A link to our NSWiki Entry, where many details about our region can be found:






PS: I apologise for not registering with my main nation's name, but I register in all the NS-related forums using the name "r3naissanc3r", for RP reasons.


My main nation is "Renaissancistic People" and is placed in the region "The Falkland Islands", a Dominion of Great Britain and Ireland.


If this is very disturbing, then feel free to change my account name, I will have no problem (of course).

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Thank you all for your kind welcome smile.gif !


Well, considering the Falklands incident, Tagmatium Rules, we are still working on it. Federal Commonwealth Society has refused to condemn the invasion to our Dominion. This is obviously a hostile action towards GB&I.


Our Prime Minister has posted an official account of the whole incident in our forum. You don't have to register to see it (although I would be more than happy to see you in GB&I forum, as anyone else from Europa wink.gif ). The link to this thread, for everyone interested, is:



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